Fierce Incubation

cracks disturb the swarm within cairn-laughter
packing grit to places of scenic portion
plotted landed flowers the light to
stomach for now

power of trap,
the world and its zero dark insight
as earth inside of a vision twirls with speeds
of moisture-flashes through doors of wooden hinge

running shadow drill to a bit and half a
piece of fluid cooling in corners roaming
circles burn with houses in mirror
costumes align

parachutes click
in place as the air of welcome homes
on swollen necklaces forming window tight
around the colors of during after shout

counting patience fingers on races heaves of
tunnel-guide at turns in the channel-magic
meets a middle section and hones its
muscle on drill

riddled with mist
the cabinet then settles down for tongues
of drool to bucket the licks of hunger-gut
as stones are heard and the distance blurs a worm

roams to find its body in mud and thatch of
roof the twisted shades of what hasn’t covers
swine imbibed hazard for soup the tiger
growing us


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