Face The World Clothes

a stab at this placemat to locate an emotion below the geology of each pause in space to gain admittance through an unlocked door then to ask appropriate questions, once inside, to notice the TV on in the eyes of the human who isn’t a person but death and watch whatever show is playing—the one with the characters who pretend that each other are on fire and no one knows what to do but laugh, just as, the kitchen bursts into flames, spiders crawl from the corner, running for their lives, the broom awakens from a deep sleep, and mumbles to find her teeth between each law enforcement procedure, we’re not sure if what her words are blurred but semicolons float through the air dispersing shadows onto the linoleum, shapes of balloons appear, one leg then another, now we’re in a purple one and it’s flying over Sante Fe, do you like that town, retirement communities birth from pollinated tips of exotic wild flowers in the brain, as the wind arrives so does various plants’ sense of communication, everything talks to everything, watch out for that window, the window of despair, the sink who was born with a constant need for repair, no need to talk of the injury, here are a bunch of grapes each is a finger on a bee, the bee is having a Mr. Sunshine kind of a day, we have to face the world in the clothes that we are wearing, took a shower, the formula in the soap is the same as in the shampoo, washing away grease stains on the car, finally a muffler begins to give a sermon about the importance of cleaning, everyday there are terminates and everyday there is a comb, straining up a chair, the garbage bag has been replaced, to fix the light bulb does not take professional help but it does take accuracy, math was not a subject of high-interest, investments understand the importance of fracking, oil from this continent is better than oil from off seas, yet oil in general is killing everything is not dead just in a state of having to endure, pollen


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