Conversation Over Breakfast

Explain it again. Against the grain went granite. Prone as a finger nail near snapping. Dragons outside of the noon. Hourglass. Clicking ticking talking bomb, wattage. Boulder count side of mountain ledge. A hundred iron wolves as aides. Here without concern, yet question marks populate the precipice. Down a spiral. Inkjet, yes faster than bullets. Again with movies. Around a blip, so much tomatoes, not enough juice. Swirl. Closing in on cocktail. Minutes evaporate in seconds. Leaving us in the dark. Shades flicker shadow-rafter beams of address. To collect all this data. Send it to bucket and dial a redemption coupon number into systematic heart-failure. Attacked in the back of a country’s stem. Mention this and pomegranate. Walked, looked back into the cave. She was a hawk who vanished in the eye of a moment. Faceless. Drift until wood plops to focal arrangement, molds form side-swiping river bank, then again, until finally dissolves to sawdust. Quack. Who’ll remember remembering. Car outside, dish-wrack drying, not driving, not squatting. The whole time legitimate under the banner of rent payment. Here is a dot, now a dash, now a foam bat. Enjoy the honking. Can’t stop believing. Coins, specifically pennies. Small things accumulate round the ridges of seeing. Sites appear in the distance, a camel walks towards them. If for a moment = trigger point. Happiest when seldom-water. Yet always, necessary hot-tub. Today forensics, tomorrow an éclair. Whatever is a dryer and a Frisbee, a backpack. Going somewhere. Dumb and dumpster truck funnel-muck sanguine starch-packets pretzel along side velvet hand gloves. In the event of an accident dial. Nine wonder wonder. Spatula. It just went right there. Desk job. Throw out a briefcase, catch laughter on fire, hold out volunteer proof of purchase. Registration fee. Pause at intersection between seriousness and elephants the room of a communication device. Wait, say that again, again, wait. Near the stop sign, beside the bus stop, where whispers are amplified in the bike tunnel. Vacuum. Should’ve seen all the rice on the carpet. Now cabinets are clocked. Mice have disappeared. Caught another spider. Clouds vanished kinesthetic. Building fall of tongue-scraper. Drifting wood down throat. Searching lights for vacancy spot. Here found one. Hypocrisy looms in despair, rip her out of there. Shackled and administered. The wardrobe happens. Collecting statements of interest. A plate heard in dish-wrack. Accentuate delineation detail. Differences of horizontal gazing. Sunlight did what again. The movie of the interpretation data facility. Fascination of a controlled sequence. Events protrude from eyebrow. There is another reason to call it bluffing. Now number press.


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