An American Moment

Someone drained the sink
spilled the beans
scattered corn all over kitchen floor

there’s muddy foot prints
a thief’s hand print
a teddy bear mourning her childhood friend now grownup

coffee and stains of yellow
stink rising from nowhere observable
inconsistent noises cutting up speech

cell phone off
shoes off
shirt on

this earth

took a long needle and sucked up all the marrow
nothing left inside the dinosaur
concept of government, oil

on the seams of everyone’s mouth
frothy zombie flick

tank of the understated realities of fracking
in the brain
of integrity

dig out and hand over
more cheese please on the turkey smash
did that and bought wheat

bread to go with and bred
to become whole grain
for the whole family not a

hole in Swiss leftover
isn’t Swiss the alps left
never been to the alps over
miss the alps

amid high-rising tension
a glass of

would this desire contain the continent of Africa in it
where the heck is
ripping weeds from cracked despairs

requesting relief helicopters
fly in and
swarm the dumpster
from pigeon-perspective
found a scope
rifle of motivation
zoom in on it


that’s a dog’s name
that’s criteria
that’s the foundation for all Lincoln log foundations

build a constitution
have a relationship
eat a piece of toast


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