They Are Concerned

their care-provider doesn’t have a cross
swaying from his cow order following neck
that he, doesn’t look like them, nor smell like
their warehouses nor make food like them, that he
doesn’t walk in the name of the man who walked
on water, that he is a concern for not serving their
son cow, that he doesn’t help their son learn the
cross, that he doesn’t follow the neck-tie orders of
capitalist job enticement, that he smells and makes
food like no one like them, that he walks unlike a
walk unlike any water they’re familiar with, that his
concerns are about concerns that aren’t barn based, that
serving their son cow equals trust, and their son
learning how to follow beneath the neck-tie of order
is akin to capitalism, which they can trust, and the smells
of foods that are absent to them when they walk in is
unlike any smell they know of, and the food they don’t
smell is the absence of eating cows, and this must
be neglect, their son, who isn’t learning to follow the
ways of water familiar to them, and their concerns about
water run deeper than warehouse sewer systems, and
deeper than wells that entice healthy footsteps to attempt
walking on it, and this enticement is what
they must trust, and their concerns from what they cannot,
and serving their son cow on a regular basis equals trust,
and their son learning to follow beneath the neck of order is trust
and the capitalist machine is akin to trust, and the
smells of food from the absent lack of son
presence as a smell is a presence is trust, and the walk
that is exactly like how they smell their own food
in the absence of jews

is their trust


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