cats walk across window-surfaces
purchasing rain, ticketed
traffic watches every gesture, every
sun-spliced-eye of salt-speckled pepper, where
graves rise against unshared space, resistance
transgresses direct movement, yet remains
hidden, unseen, in the pebbles and stones
on the lawn of time, where significance cuts
its ties just to see if it can float on the surface of
air, if

for an instant it could be seen, instant
coffee of an emotion, an insect
vanishes in the jaws of a fiend, a limitless
neighboring circuitry of tornado driven trees, asleep
with their own intention-molds of redemption, streets
of colored fine-print, tint tempts
marginal grease, slick sides to find a doorway
out through

mime-pillars designed to locate mice when they attempt
escape from a tendon of triple-laced
bacteria, encased
within a jar of decaying lenses of over-fried sunglasses, dials
which have rested their minds

on the surface of what they will never find, at times
a palm is necessary, but
only, few,
very few ants can extend unseen light,
poverty to change its explosives,
towards the dissolve of hatred


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