He got brand new hearing aids today
and learned how to properly clean them and care for them,
care for them like the weeds I sprayed with Round Up
that kills them in 3 days

caring for the lawn takes patience
right out of a jar of pennies and coins and
places them into the hands of the doves that were my palms
but have become something of an ornament

for a Christmas tree weeping teddy bears into a kicked bucket,
I will not buy, but will inherit, from the family of the
worm who built this house and told me their concerns
in critical demeanor ensuring I understand their problems without the
hang up of brainwash I was able to take their son’s clothes to the cleaners

which I will do once the funds in his account are set up for that like
how doves fly off when they realize they are free from the cage they
were enforced to live in and sweep crumbs away from an everyday mess
a grownup creates yet is too unconscious to know is created until everything turns

upside down and inside out and over here and over there shaking
up genetics in the daily schedule, this
country fried piece of French toast belly-button has finally accomplished church
memorized insistence along a yellow-brick road

only fairies see, something not in the bible, something without
palms for handing me the dust pan and the broom as the everything of teddy bears
on the floor must go in
whether it was inherited or not, Monday will arrive

with paycheck ready and a
kicked bucket


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