Cardiac Arrest is the Number One Killer of all Adult Men in this Country

when it’s all too late
the grocery store inhabits

that with its carrots

jutting out of pop-tart teeth
late-night snack with a beautiful
movie rubbing her large

houses down the dialogue
of our necks
as the smoothie of chocolate éclair

gooey syncopates sentimental
couch-surfing, all the
door knobs no one wants to open

privacy in the almond milk
settles for
a mid-section but still

chips become necessarily
distinctive, philosophy discriminatively religious,
helping alleviate

the lack of a backyard of cows
the lack of a field of horses

there isn’t a guy in a dentist outfit
beheading a chicken
while taking a gasoline pump for a water spicket
and someone in an apron

walks out with steaming hot
eggs and bacon
holding the platter out to the man in the outfit

everything comes in a cardboard box
such debris accumulates matter yet
does influence gravity enough

2 breaths
30 compressions


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