mustard great on a bagel with humus
then cheese and tomato then onion and humus
in a tango with humbleness then steam mashed potatoes
then union and muffins in a laser beam with tumbling
streets a cashed poached radio then ushers of loafers in a
pastry bean with rubbing then heated ash loneliness dairy-o
then rudder of over-done-easies in a
baby carriage with rusted soil then
leaving stashed loads of leaking air-holes lumber jackets
then run-over-fun-liters of a table-cloth with chugging-borders then
reason gashed foam speaks parrot-swollen pumpkin-hatchets of
tumble weed ruffled listeners of a ladder-dodged splint rubber-gourd then
lizard gates on a paddle with leftovers cheeses a tomato


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