Falling Behind Crater-Light

the day is falling
behind moonlight
as it approaches
the end of a sentence,
a full sky
of dense horizon
packed into
July-drift of
summer, packet of
snow, swordfish,
fried bat, the
absence of a swimming pool,
hot-tub, and CPR
rolls over mosquito
netted footwork of spiders, this
room populated with
trinkets antiques and pyramids
roam through cartwheels of
slogans as they check their
bags in at the
lip-report of a
smashing seed-nut,
flowers-bread through
rotisserie smacking
grocery store with a spatula,
needing grease for
half-and-half to
kick in, a diabetic
stink complain to
compilation create

something floured in
then baked
under daylight


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