Disappearing Bees

open a window
ask for a shovel, they are
dragging the lawn

by its laughter, do you
hear the refrigerator door
crack open, yes

that’s his father
letting out his undead ghost, the
smell of which is whiskey

sunflowers populate each eyeball,
in the digital photo
it can be seen, the Grand Canyon and all its majesty

the Grand Canyon of a McCarthy
PTSD swept away with ashes of a commercial staring into the psyche
of common

today people running for their lives
into the job opportunities of their souls, that
everything somehow banks on a relative placement of belonging

or else threats could become actions
swallowing too many pills, deprived
honey of appreciation, bees

swarm in the disappearance of a country, a
land scientists cannot figure out
where it is

because it’s in the invisible
where credentials
simply are not allowed in

not even a passport
will help
lift sanctions for paper-work presented investigators

searching for their skin
what exterior beauty all those sinew-muscles-tendons present
to a moment by moment city street

itself populated with winged-materials
angels of plastic
the salvation of all the stuff that’s ever been saved


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