Bending Into Symmetry

of the architecture of a face
then the mirror and the photograph
the wireless signals which are sometimes not
which is night
you get the neighborhood

if you start with the night
of the eyes and teeth
you get a dynamic oscillation
if you start with the face
you get a history of violation

if you start with the photograph
you can watch the TV follow itself
letters becoming words
if you start from the thoughtless-open
in the ground

you can see the water
of the evening
if you start from this breath now
with your head buried under architecture
and walking upside down

how you get from one to zero
I don’t know at all
by moving around
the cup imitates movement
that before had held water

into an empty cup
that turned the apparent shape
the density of air
the copy as it would be
the sky sharp at its vanishing

it was a voice that made
a body hollow of insides
a body-wireless
taken from the light
resemble an entire body

the horizon and the light
some of the houses bend
in the question
did you see them
were you listening and


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