hours are crinkling,
shrinking around the cabinet
door hinges boredom
the broom twitches, whiskers
of neighbor’s cat, wizard
selenite, night-shovels
maroon acquisition, pardoning
plot of flowers, grooms
rabid stones docking
moon-stitches, each with a wink,
holler a witness, the mink-coat,
fur, perforated dandelions’
seldom enclosure, wrapping
lettuce between slices of thunder,
light bulbs rehearse their pardon,
execute the sink, the gargoyle-fountain,
found out later foundations made of
sugar, cholesterol, and shotgun cartridges, need
gas, take theatre, stuff it in a blanket, coated
with remember, later, when toilet
breathing, magazine necessary
information into absorption-tank, after
take out learned fish, apply it to
refrigerator magnetics, friendliness, teaching a class
on the difference of districts, sound-particles, eon-
collider, debate, rain, why does the sun not
return with balance?


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