an obsidian mala, a faucet of water,
a house with backyard mowed grass,
a table-rooted yet a wooden-river,
a road of memories curves, moves on,
swirls, and arrives

the gentle flow of stars or an unburied whisper,
front-lawn with eyes closed welling over
with oracles in each pause,
a single presence in a surge of perception,
wave after wave till it encapsulates all,
a reign of forests knows zero exits,
a flash of wings opening the sky

a light through darkness of light to birth,
and the gloomy bird of a slumped wire
who’s song can turn a forest into electricity
and the imminent birds on branches that vanish,
seconds of photon pecked away by the wind
and the whispers that slip past the hand,

a shock, presence, burns a burst of generators,
the wind yelling in absent skin,
a glance that holds the earth and all
its curves and mountains dangling from air,
body of photons sifted through obsidian
thighs of burning skin of sun, the water,
a solar-system, cloud-skin, body-
color of a gripped risking moment,
the seconds glitter and arise human,
the earth a visibility in skin
transparent through an absence of time-signature,

travel through galleries of noise,
flow among echoing vibrations,
cross transparencies as though sight were a theory,
reflections erase this age born into information,
forest of eyes enchanted
with arches of knowing, fall through
corridors of a diaphanous talk,

travel the body of the earth
of the belly of a museum full of sunlight
bodies of churches where performances
skin parallel rites
glances uncover from a metallic-ivy,
a cell phone city the oceans sleep
beside stretched armpits split by the stench,
light halves the color of grapes,
a domicile of mustard, gravel and trees,
under the governance of an oblivious gargoyle,

dressed in the color of desire,
go with a naked thought filled with organs
travel through eyes of the ocean,
insects drink the dreams of the mirror,
an oriole burns in the flames of reflection,
travel pineal gland, Pluto
of a cloud that passes through sensation-twitch,
travel the belly of sleep to a field of grazing cows,

corners of corn ripple with songs
selenite corners the corners of rain,
lips and hair of the eyes of rain
all through the night’s veins, all day
opening the chest of skin in the fingers of silence,
closed lids with the mouth of information,
rain in the marrow-tree of liquid-memory
sending textures to root-water to the pit of breathing

travel the length of a tongue, the
body of a forest, a mountain in
search of its song that ends in a cliff of suburbia,
travel along the edge of thinking,
shadows fall off the edge of what moments’ offer
shatters into non-collectable pieces, without
a body the the body remains freely

of strangled endless corridors of when, the
doors that open into an empty heart-beating,
room for summer in everything that rots,
gold thirst from incinerated depths
of a face in the vanished recollection
of crumbled hands handing touch to humans,
who spun mobs of spiders
for the replacement of patience, years

turned to war setting a species in the pineal-
gland to search for, without finding, a warrant,
stormed in lightning-flashes of
moments racing through the trees of the night,
a face of a city in a darkened rain,
relentless gardens that flows by the water side,

search warrant without finding, alone
among the billions here, as the day falls
awake out of the years swollen with standing-moments,
depths in a cave on a ledge looking down,
invisible mirrors populate the floor, repeating
a shattered distance,
walk through light, the mutilated forgotten,
walk through thoughts of shadows,
walk through shadows in search of

an instant alive in a skeleton
for the planets of daily afternoons
tampered by walls of stone-perception, porous
hours ripen into clusters of bricks,
and bursting, days spill out from an apple basket
scattering on the asphalt-chairs of the news,
one as tall as summer walked
though clouds encapsulated in sky-space
encircled in the skin of light,
golden and transparent beaming with certainty

spider the color of time, brown deer
on the outskirts of thought, walls glimpse
leaning over translucent banisters of water,
innumerable palms with eyes in the center of each one,
forgotten names of a face of all and none,
all the seconds and their transitions,
a forest and cloud patterns, the owls
of a single sun, the edge of a tongue
and the judicial system, lethal injection,
ivy creeps over the fence, roots
out western-thought, and severs reason, limb-from-limb

watching a fire on a piece of space,
cracks in the home, stone of snakes,
orbit of thirst, mist in the rock,
earth-circus, airplanes of nature,
mustard-seed, knife-tip tiny and shivering,
tip that pours immortal-fluid,
shepherd of desk jobs under the ceiling,
door knob of the valley of the executed
memory that falls from the drops of grass-
vertigo tangling poisonous vines with
planted resurrection as it grasps for life,
flower-lady of a fire hydrant and the weather-strange,
branch of a brain for the human sleeping,
snow in the mouth of injected craters,
watching water from obsidian
watching the wind from a desert of verbalization,
the sun’s testimony wills photosynthesis
into photosynthesis

face of helium, face of hydrogen
devoured faces of phantom storms,
days circulate in the days of an open cut
on the same molecule, in the same atomic interior,
walls flame with the faces of appearance,
in the flames a single face of many faces,
all the faces, names, all the names, faces, the
name of many faces, names, one face of many
names, names for all things in a single breath,
moment, eons, through centuries yet to appear,
from centuries disintegrated in the eyes of this moment
before it’s the future

nothing in front of what unfolds, only
qualities savaged from recognition, dreams fade in night’s
coupled mirrors, mirages collide down a moment
chiseled from photon collisions, dream, shards of a
thing free of its object, of light, this momentary night
lifts a hand of its image out of the language, letter
by letter, while time beneath, gallops
away, as doors slam behind every pounding hoof
of the world and its bloodthirsty wars drip,

cities, names, scents, flavors, everything
breathing vibrant colors, briefly
crumble inside a skull of bats in sorrow
of the night, indented into thoughts
by the weight of the cavern-spine, influenced
by weight of a circulation flow, running
after teeth in slow motion towards
eyes in a cloudless sky with tall grass surrounding
light, days made of years empty of heaped horrors,

time closes a door shut,
and behind it, memoires of its non-objective
thing, moments with a plunge of self-stripped
death, as bodies surround the rooms of these
debated breaths, floating, heartened by night’s
unopened exhale, threaded by execution, by a masked
life plunging itself into a body before birth, moment,
a closing fist is also an opening fist,
apples ripening towards their seeds, collapse
in the center and the surface becomes the interior,
spilling a translucence of air into the sealed
deliciousness of a ripened exoskeleton, roots
unravel from within, conquering the surface,
feverish its seeds drive humans out
of their thoughts into things detached of their
objects, birds on YouTube, Uranus circulates
through the eons of a mercury-tree, rising,
a mind out of the fruit it tastes time,

body in space, space a body,
time arrives back in a swell of seams,
time recedes while facing forward,
the past, sink into the past, and blurs,
it still passes through, passing a silent
flow of a moment’s vanishing,

in early afternoon the house and morning-shower
armed with invisible kitchens, watch
illegible crimson horizon, script skin
on the wounds undressed in a naked flame,
incinerating ends in rapid movement, eyes
without water flow from their stone
into stone the body of stone, mouth of stone,
mouth of time, body taste of
interior stone wells sealed in the mirrors
of a passing anxiety repeating
mirrors leading back to where they first emerged,
a skeleton leads by the hand, through relentless
museums toward the core of the earth,
circulation felt in the rise and splendor of
hardened centuries, into an axe blade, light
that splinters, intercourse with executioner’s
injected non-flexible whips of time, thinning
the moon away from its twin weapon, sharpens
guns dug out of the earth, depopulating reason
abandons empty parking lots, memories
extract from names forgotten, highways
grunt in a wallow with soon slaughtered pigs
or rot in the sewers devoured by the sun,

there is nothing inside but a neurological-
strangled child, a place of static electricity, where
no one tip-toes, a windowless, suffocated, secret-
passage, a thought which returns when clouds
repeat gestures, similar to the reflection itself,
where rain lost itself in its own transparency
of communication, not-transfixed by exposure, but
closed beneath the weight of watches, eyes
pendulum sway, drown into themselves, absent
of clarity

dragons with scales
of dawn, green, front lawn, of sleep
twisting between beds of
shrieking birds, twisting their
fallen gravities in the white and unbroken
seas of their aimless remains, a scream
finding itself at the end of time
with eyes decayed by a cough of
disintegrated ruins, rummaging through
piles of smoke

no one recalls anyone
in ashes of heaped and worn-out
survival, brooms relinquish their knives
rusted in liquefied feather dusters, rain
hanging from a castle of bones,
a branch withered with black holes,
and there at the bottom the eyes of a human
coiled in drowned confusion of a dismantled
ancient-bridge of scrambled communication,

seeing buried deep in a drain,
glances what watches from the beginning,
a shadow’s glance in an aged earth
who sees her grown automobile a youthful forest,
the earth glances on a lonely blade
of light who sees her father as a dead man
scissoring out his veins and throwing them
at scholars, who stitch them into books,
depths in their eyes face the traps of history—
as if memorizing fallen amputations would
reveal hidden muscles in the eye

for falling down a stairwell
towards a dreamed eye of the muscles to come,
cyborgian or specie-evolution, the computer
of cloud-sleep, the death of bacterial precision,
the night of a cup of overflowing moments, that
never stops, rivers out, relieving
images of what I was, and what I
had involvement with, names
bodies, what precision of vibration equalized

was it time calculating plans
in the summer of human existence, the
height of specific branch twitches in
the dimple cheeks of sparrows as they came to drink light
from backyard fountain, with air
crisp bringing October out of a forgotten lung,
invented to speak what no one said, walking
through a forest of black-green cars
talking themselves into the voice of the wind,
reaching for rooms with finger-nails,
clawing mirrors off the unconscious,
death of a dawn that has forgotten its impermanence and
dances in the midnight church bell of an apple tree—

did someone say it’s late
watching walls stain their minds with gravity
as nothing climbed the two eyes of site seeing
watches as they plunged evening into the fallen
reefs of uneaten grapes starving for vengeance in the
throat of domesticated gardenias wondering about
their whereabouts?

names, places, streets, faces, places,
streets, a grocery store, café, this room,
names, places, streets, faces, places,
walls, the floor, shoes,
closet full of clothes, this room,
names, places, streets, faces, places,
houses, streets, names, you,

people had screamed from the houses of their dust
as it cracked into their knees running from facades of
spat hurricanes, droning engines
mutilate clothes, protection
was shared in shade, when
escaped and defending a ration of lips,
roots touched in the survival-selves of
cellular inheritance, un-stolen
in the hands of shadow-thieves searching to
rescue entries from their torn and
valuable skin, kisses of bodies, naked
confusion, entwined in the leap of time, invulnerable
to the mix-match of nothing as it touches circulation,
returns source from a pair of eyes, two-tomorrow names
splice into a zodiac plethora of shapes, abundance of
single bodies becoming rooms adrift
with cities, streets, knotted windows looking for doors
with the same discolored wallpaper
of genetics handed from sleeveless folds of paper,
iron-people, a sunlit room houses its branches of
seed through rooms raising from cloudless houses and
people rusting in photosynthesis, swimming
rocks engulf light, sink
to sub-depths, rooms of silence
dissolve into forest-waves and touch becomes
a highway and the wireless transactions
of death portrays a nibbled disappearance of
exotic rugs, mouse traps, cells of the skin, enchanted
castles, the birdcages of a mouth, numbered
blades of grass, transforming in the
flight of a cloud molding doorways,
leaking water to the country in
an open airway, every table set for banquet,
conch shells lay siege upon impenetrable veins,
time has decayed into the absence of space, walls
protrude from wrists, handing eyes
over to the apples plucked, eating the life out
of stretched trees as they purchase and drink skin

rooms transform into the center of the earth,
the world still-night of inconceptual day-night,
born when eyes meet in the butterfly wings of
lights’ drop from transparent crystalized waters,
the room shatters, open, an apple distributing seeds,
explosions of silence, a nebulae of laws chewed away
by rats, the iron eyes of the banks and jails,
newspapers, and barbed wire,
the stamps for envelopes, the kitchen microwave
the droning one-note: 432 Hz, the
war sermon, outdated in a scorpion seal of exposed darkness,
lady-bugs, and tigers, chairman of the board,
donate blood or money to children in need, the
educational walls, the exiled zoologist
cast aside amongst dice-roll of capital investments, phallus
of the people, the boss, the shark-tank, the architect trying
to make future stand-tall, uniformed in a pig costume, the
absent draught of the church who washes her curses in denture
water and takes forbidden classes in pornographic-civics,
converses in American English, the invisible walls,
the rotten facades that divide humans from each other,
one family from itself,

all crumbles in an enormous moment, faces seize
unity, the obvious whole that was lost, the desolation
surrounding each breath of air, cooking food together,
bread and fried cheese sandwiches, sun stirring death
in a forgotten pit of astonished shame, laughter in a single
teaspoon of salt

love is a forfeit battle of simplicity,
changing as the world changes, flesh
desiring through flesh, wings sprout
on the backs of the brain, the world
dissolves to the earth below, tangible,
disappointing, drunk becoming sober on
plastic wrap opening, gains preference on what
doors are instead of what doors might contain,
water as love is, ceasing the ghost of identifiable
numbers, as they march forever in chains of the past, condemned
to dust of a previous moment, faceless

changes of each other, as the earth turns,
what love can’t see, as it undresses our names,
choice in the submission of the laws
made by earth, capital, an outlaw, who’s
reward life in exchange for its death, the
criminalization of a suicidal system will come to an end,
committed to weeding out insects of the factory
producing mirrors of plastic and the false exchange of
love, and family, now a necessary evolution of
ash, as it falls to the floor, rain
relative to what rain provides, as delirium shifts, so does
the appearance of what it wears, a cluster-star for a silk on a
computer, better to be unconscious during work hours than
push the register that cashes out the water in the veins,
that rings up eternity into tasty-treats, keeping
meaningless children in their meaningless hours as they
are of an invisible prison building minutes out of
receipts and time into bank accountability, disappearance
and tchotchkes

the invisible dandelion
atop rocks and stalks of silence
the diamond difficulty of holy-machines
their saint-like filters, desire
starving in the satiated confines of controlled-procedures,
married to a quietude of suburban-directives,
solitude, but a theory mourning within a corolla,
every moment a crystal petal,
the earth strips masks one-at-a-time,
and its core, the transparent shimmer
of non-objectified namelessness as it is
what inhabits emergence for the
faceless opportunity of faceless recognition,
a person, people of sun, a diversity of presences,
an astonishment of cosmic-nowhere

streets follow rooms follow streets
deconstructing through corridors of time,
fragments climb and descend the stairs of wind,
touch walls of what cannot change, return
to the spot of destruction, search for
a face, walk through streets of a
body, under an ageless light, with a river
beside a tree, the river walks, the tree
talks in an endless vacuum of water-walking
the river grows the tree between dimensions,
between the hands of a forest and its inhabitants
of a thousand songs, birds in laughter, and the
water-brain of the stars between dimensions, the
earth grows round the smiles of eating an orange

concepts of the world change,
entwined grass blades fall to the sky
of the tree turning space, nothing but
light and silence for the airplanes
of an eye, the ghost-tribe of clouds,
and the body an anchor on the bottom
of the ocean, what is lost only, names
sailing adrift mountains, violet
in their floating greens of time, nothing
encapsulates all, and crosses out whispers
as they appear, bubbles of thought

quiet, and blinking,
birds sing in open window,
stars burning in space, butterfly wings close
then open, and the kitchen table, an exile,
a trespass of a skunk into backyard, jawbone
of a mountain lion, and the startled legs
of an un-dead spider walking
on an ash-strewn moment, mythic-
plains of translucent colors, the hums of insects
in thinning grass, the ocean announces from
a loud speaker words of Socrates in its original Greek,
suns rise and suns depart—what jackal
discoursing the ruins of shade, has appeared on the eve
of this peace-settlement—what insomniac
bed of mosaic carriages have crowned death heroine of people, and
rides this celebration through interminable
minutes of countless orchards in the brain—who
casts aside thrones drenched in the blood of numbers,
steps aside and disappear into the bread of gun-smoke—
where the cities howl and returned voices of light
have lost their missions to the buildings-built in the
shape of a metallic scream?

Graveyards of phrases populate scratched rhetoric’s
of liability, victory to the capital,
raving, dark without a pin-pointable sound,
pulse beats of disappeared coffins, born out of
meaningless bones, families of crushed throats,
what to speak of foam has it barges
on the shores of the abandoned post for missing prophets—
the scream of a nightmare garbage truck and the hanging
voice of its shifting times

eyes flame in the frames of what’s seen,
heard, and spoken, coals of a tongue
touch and turn ignition, plastic-thoughts reveal
in the check out line of thoughtless garbage, relationships,
somewhere outside of this, breathing
somewhere outside calculation defining ingredients
for social exchange, a cardboard neighborhood, while
problems have zero translation to what’s happening—outside
these sleeping walls as they doze with fire-poker in their touch,
and the universe burns in a telescopic-flame of sight

nothing burns in the thing without
thoughts of flames that eat
endless smoke from the blameless victimized-stance
of things missing from their objet, the tears
of what does not fall from silence,
the signs of civilization speaking without
offering a word of what they do not intend
to share—nothing except production,
assembly-eyelids, consuming eyelids,
defecating eyelids, time somehow escaped its
earthly home, without a space ship, into
psychotic dimensions

a blink of the sun, motion
in the redemptive means of non-acceptance,
turning its rotation forward
regardless of dead-slaves trying to
turn the cracks of death towards the untouchable horizon,
where gestures remain frozen, and isolated
from eternity forever, a solitude of
text-messages, and judgment, a solitude
of movies and pop-culture, a solitude
of the weather and the television show, statues
of faceless seconds erect from
propaganda to persuade ghosts to remember their kingdom, the
one without a beating heart, without
a working brain, to remember
a next life in the formations of light, a face
masked with monuments of lies, helping
relieve the necessity to swallow ethanol
as it levels the truth of each unacknowledged moment

we’re we ever alive
were we ever what we were, what
nothing but a horizon of catalogues, mirroring
a formation of brochures, dislocation
from a site of vomit—where
life has never confused belongings
with placement, money in the hands of air, the necessity
of what for bread, the sun,
industrialized in an agricultural
refinement, technological
implants, an act of
programmable behavior, psychological
mimes in the place of the real other, controlled
neurological response, the extraction
of reactive imperfections—ghosts

continually leaving themselves in search of
filling in an object’s silhouette, as the heart-beat,
puppets massacring awareness with hammers of
delusional exercise routines—what a knot
is when it’s not given the application of rope
to identify itself with, mirrors
ensure nothing of the sort
would find birth by disturbing
surrogate reflections
to the neon-horizon drinking gasoline, working
clerk jobs to keep strangers happy—what
unlives each moment, the face button-pressing
inventions of faces to wear away hunger
before it matches the horror of death, bread

in the shape of religion, show
your face from the inside out, faceless
faces of the faceless face of the forest of the
field of the driver of the cloud and the mailbox,
face of the number and face of the city,
face of noise, and a crowd of sounds, clock
waking the unborn before they have to endure
the de-humanized death by daily-machines,

to unpack the night of its stolen clarity, and retrieve it
from the dawn of a steeple cloaked in lunar delusions, to
mother water before water embodies the gears of sheep
as they slaughter their formulated senses into
the ovens of endless years mouthing their touched
decisions to the eyes of collectable
immortality—and as the scatters of dust
may reconcile against nameless ashes binding
forces of bone and skin window
through being and un-burried depths from an earth-
of-forged-application silence resurrects
its sky as it grips
peak of night-day and thoughtlessly
embodies the rage of its self-hatred

open the hand of daylight and immortality
untwine from the lies of high-rises
showcasing greed in the birth-sac of
neurological ends, and bring feet
back to earth, where each breath dawns
upon itself, the sun dawns with the face
of itself, the sun dawns what everyone has always known,
but simply never

knew, doors open and dawn walks in
and allows the face of light to remain
the face of what it is, the face of the night,
to remain what it is, true, communities
transform in the rivers of their blood when
over bridges of pulse-difference brings us
to another side of light, where locations find themselves
in the kingdom of the moment free of
porous monitory seductions, intertwined

doors of being awake, education,
the form of a face, features of
photon particles, photosynthesis, of seeing
life as it sees itself, death as it
falls away to the bone-mask of mirrors,
the rocks and the dissolution of nameless faces, and being
the unspeakable presence of life

there is no continuation at this dropping
dream of a splattered moment, stones
shatter across the ends of time, as
stones of blood heard singing in the prison
of the body, the gateway to water, singing
in a murmur of light, one-by-one walls donate their
doors and windows, wind
breaks down the metal of the sun and bursts through
the brain of eyes closed to cuts of warped
lids, naked-selves pull
themselves up from the wreck of dimensional collapse,
waking from deer-sleep, centuries of stone
reclaim sunlight in the magic of reflections, as they

an obsidian mala, a faucet of water,
a house with backyard mowed grass,
a table-rooted yet a wooden-river,
a road of memories curves, moves on,
swirls, and arrives



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