Blood Pressure

a ball of yarn
an unopened laundry door
a slammed pantry cabinet

a tied up Rottweiler
a balcony to jump off
hydrogen and helium nuclei colliding in 15 million degree centigrade

knotted weeds with thorns protruding
a dumpster missing it’s lid
a memory missing its spot

kale blended with chard
an unopened mailbox
an unopened shoebox

a twine of lace
clothes still in a basket
genetically modified baked beans

a collar-bone dinner
windows flying through space
an explosion somewhere in Siberia

flowers strangling under the weight of vampire-roots
empty trash can in need of a clean plastic bag
a hungry brown-bear eating a chocolate bar

an emotion missing its voice
yogurt blended with protein powder
a TV show glitch

a bill in an envelope
a skyscraper made of shoes
the clothes on my body

laboratory grown chickens
a shoulder-blade bite
glass shards stabbing though valve-pulse

a New Mexico test site
pink corolla rioting against medulla
trash can filled with recyclables

a tent ripped to shreds by a bear
a thought missing its future
an orange and grapefruit liquefaction

the History Channel
electricity wrapped in paper
a city made solely out of car tires

naked together
antibiotic fused roast-beef
a spider

forks and knives scattered across kitchen floor
calyx making love to oblongata

a lonely trash can
a bear ripping through an airplane
a body missing its organs


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