cranberries isolate around zero holds, it’s true
there must contain
less air or the
propane will burst

work dirt till it spurts visions, mildew
already went through, no
blood in the streets

and this

a good thing




paper replacement

classroom classroom

where brains’ jarred behind gloved compartment-shards
heart beating within these
locked up regulations of eccentric rose bush quiets the local-sheriff of the

cavity captivity some call maturation, where
does a thin line decay and the statue of rock-flecks
simply mimic

conformities holographic horror-show, who
roped the re-write
of a troupe only to tight-walk
lines of


to hoop along lonely zeros, who
keep silence in piles before intervention
actually occurs, who

still pays for the prices of these rolled dices more than time
was counted as lost
minutes are non-retrievable, accountable

but what care is it
to provide a house-worthy, place
to live to care-from, to say


good morning and have a good one and
wonder what boat his ancestors came off
of and the fact these facts commingle under
the same roof, think

how far off is off when random could be a tandem bicycle
riding hieroglyphics
looking out on dozing rivers, slivers of which are
mountain-backed-silvers gazing at

grass blades fed upon
cows and their toe-nail trousers, now

you see why it’s been dark
all these long corridor corroding years
festival-particles have lost their eyes
people stand around making Frisbees with
sand castles and throw dice when chewing on
broccoli and dislodged from doorframes expectations

evidence and if we could break in and
crack open and gain access to the pass
code locate within it, we might

be able to dismantle the hope that’s strangling
our views and coagulating the spoonful’s of useless tattoos
tone-deaf harmonized to
packaging, and if we can

then there’s a chance
a chance in the box
in the socks in the
playground in the email
in the silent uselessness of movement


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