July Summer

summer is not
is not running around, throwing Frisbees
is not the neighborhood once was a kid in
where dogs were and parents and adventures were
and I swam

summer is
hearing a barbeque
watching kids run around, people throwing Frisbees
a neighborhood where kids and dogs play
and parents watch and there’s always a sense of adventure
and I do not swim

summer now
watching myself not run away
a coiled roly-poly escaping the jaws of daylight the mouth of a spider
thick-clouds surrounding always rainy, always rainy
with people standing around, Century link bill to pay, garbage disposal doesn’t work,
he’s out of lunch meat

summer a thought a word a location a philosophy a religion a woman a man summer
a guitar is heard from outside mirroring what sleeps un-strummed in the corner
with long hair of rifts and unfinished integrations, houses of potential money, but
now where sleepiness administers a tight-wall around breathing and availability limited mountains are not,


what keeps us from hiking them
what cannot keep us from not-being them,
right here eyelids sink

over the desire for difference for
what remains unfinished for a dead friend
for what irritates without blamable object
caffeine’s failure, looking for causes, looking for
connections, nothing turns up

but summer present being summer present summer here all the colors summer is all the summer that summer is summer is what summer summer is in summer we summer with what summer is and summer summers this and we summer summer in summer summer with summer summer summer summer with summer being present here is summer here is summer being present here here in summer here is summer and I

can’t wait for July to end


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