Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

An alone sack of flour
slumped on tonight’s doorstep

leaving craters
to fill in absence,

sunlight from a honey-suck

train what isn’t received,
lemons in the nest of a glowing bird

that the unidentified flying object
walks away with our children

bread bakes in a question mark
as bees pursue

the blinds of a house window

leave when spring finishes

in time
while asking

if we’ve parted from this plane
how might it be recognizable?

Disciple stands in July rain
falls down the face of the world, weeping

automobiles and computers,
thieving unconscious

un-experienced regrets,
hear roots structure the alphabet

beneath front step
nothing concealed in the splendor of a tree

as it dresses and undresses
its hair

naked in the shadow of
a rose.

Watered by the sprinkler system
dew desires a true

as smoke talks to the firehydrant

signaling a shark attack
from what doesn’t have heaven

what churches
disqualify as a real sound of grace.

After summer
suicide dives towards Saturn

returning commitment
to things remembered past

leaves are no different
except without experience

oranges speak of retirement
turtles reply beneath the shell of

a hidden camel hump
the one guarding significance

the one clutching.

Bees disappear
from a spectrum of daylight-noise,

in the shadow of retrograde
the lips of the sun

burn towards pistil-earth
providing happiness to a span of tonal arrangements,

ordinarily unheard
clouds, cry ashes

for balance,
passing near the fire

of flying holes full of night
wearing a city for a mask.

Invisible waterways beneath concrete


towards sadness

with lakes waiting
in the periphery of what has

not spilled yet

as many questions does a pond contain?

Why has money buried
a spot of tortured forests?

Fire spits from cold-rage,
a volcano of silence


pressure of denied

Where does technology go
without concern for her daughter?

Yesterday was another chocolate

the names of people
who died from cardiopulmonary failure.

Tears of a mountain
in sacks of darkened memories

thunder down the figment of abundance
fleeting weather of human

civilization; appreciation
of this moment

burns beside a mirrored fire,
yesterday reflecting upon tomorrow


imprisoned in

Denver post.

What flies do
as they slip over a coffee-surface

measured in the night

its charcoal-blood
never touched by language,

what insects provide for spiders
what pop-art fails to accomplish

in an eye-blink of Pluto dust
who cares about Eminem?

What intoxicates lightning,
cocktails, among nameless shapes of

money, yellowing
transaction of seasonal payment;

immortality administers another
injection of embalming-months;

the pedagogy of Harvard
and the already addressed realisms of intelligence

until spoken

and the world
retires in digitalized format.

Sergeants of academic standards
pest around like fleas

skirting roses from the
innocence of their room,

everything is synched up to a degree,

fades to an invisible sink
clogged with ages of decaying

replaces blank space with corresponding teeth;

the infinity
of a non-regressive smile.

Hang the night and call it
our country,

the weight made of airplanes
in the bitter unconscious mouth

of blood pressure,
salt accumulating sunlight

in an orange tree

dividing oranges against pears
to make a living–

voluptuous crocodiles

fossilize status.

grieve from

unborn blue,

exasperation of a
shouting weekday

talking itself into
a movie;

diamonds stand before a doorway
and rub rubies with laughter.

Bicycles win freedom
in an abandoned warehouse

in the pale tears of the sky
as industries laugh with the agriculture of its

ridding green—

competitive with
seasons skinning their revolt

off the bodies of un-prepared origins
tastefully, but truthfully following

to remain alive.

Medals fall from
acknowledged golden

depths of summer
incubating earth

with what it
already knows

dreaming of a duty
anthills embody

the towers of gas-holes
building a landscape of

salt and sugar.

An unacknowledged kingdom
sits in the air

with the seasons
as its possessed servants

collecting layers of sky
when winter ushers compliant skeletons

to fields of slaughter;
golden cows

graze beneath a dome of plastic

in the act of prayer.

roasting soybeans

in the crevices of forbidden

on high-temperature
constructing an outfit of hell

what we can’t live without

running seeds
with a nuclear reactor

operating system
core of an everyday apple

picking at clusters of grapes
as they line in the

calcified arteries of
heart failure.

tucked in the realism of a watermelon

laughing in an abandoned

the lagoon of education
water drying in the deepest song

at midday, trees are chairs,
car dealership and computer store,

cornfields counting
gold in the silence of their eyes.

Cheese of course
performs a heroic stance

like a latte
to rise and shine—

birds fly
tree limb to tree limb

flowers follow the necessity of
fly routines;

amber tears
of the mountains

contain the enslavement of sirens.

Is it true,
digital media is scripted

in the shade
of petrified reiteration

of a Greek phallus
ejaculating amethyst clock-doves

in mimetic reiteration of an ancient meteor
lodged in the waves

of an undiscovered ocean
where continents had one time

centered forged light
penetrating at the seams?

Sing of water

when the smell of the sky
rumors of

metallic-hands gloved in engine-landscapes
changing naked

perception with
flashing merchandise;

yesterday when we
asked our eyes

where do they go
when love disappears

the sound of highway traffic
as it rained

was all that

As a month
accumulates years of age-marks

in a day
many weeks

weep violets

from the blue
scent of color

and the moon’s
reflection canceled

in the
myth of creation

made in the image
of debating fish

regurgitating flies
onto the transmogrification of butterfly-truth.

flies a flag of

occidental legalization
yet think,

does a drug
not paint April

with its color
of advertiseable shine?

Light ponders

when equalized
beneath the banner of freedom,

and although
everybody is summed up in advance

even the same street light
is different per


Even the sweetness
of organic cherries

the heart of the hardest,

cutting through
the death-mask;

slaved to the grave
of raggedly unconscious

silkworm-suburban homes,
the dictation

of a bill
the voice of success

as it equals a muscle of

a muscle
unexposed to the elements

and the nudity
of snow.

Lie clouds down
on a dagger of eagle-eyes

and lemons

distributing a fragrance
illuminating fools;

magnolias arise
from non-standardized confidence

assassin’s icing

beneath the sleep-mask of ignorance

and in its place,
a dedicated castle of ruthless-clarity;

senators and congressman,
where political identifications exhaust

and decisions
are born in the relief of humanity.

Yet the rosebush,
unasked, isolated, shaking in a sound-proof room

where thorns of
war have planted their horrors in the amnesia

of recognition response time,
bitterly sucking the psyche out of what it has

never known;
perhaps shame murders by defeat,

has lost its way.

A sword in a dream
slashing through the dream

pours the poor
onto stop-sign sidewalks,

still without understanding
they remain as un-surprised

maidens in a dragon’s keep

sending a real message
across real air-mail

the scent remains
unnoticed, get up

from burnt coffee,
curbs of indebted memory,

corrodes old minds

and the new generation
has no one to talk to.

Thin lines of melancholy:
Monday morning

presses thick-sadness
away from disrupting

of pop-music

in the cricket-earth
of ignition-singing

on your way to work
in the sleep of a burning bridge;

what will fall
may never be noticed

not even the sun
can break the napalm

senseless rationality
of oranges

as they are concealed
in the distance

of metric origins
rounding off digits

from ever amounting
to anything real.

A box of minerals
carves dreams from the riches

of Wall Street
non-existent memories of starving

dust, fields, droughts,
empty grocery store shelves

huddle together
and remain homeless

among the technological-restaurants
and their tricolored configurations

among the violet shade
of digital photography

among the scarlet
absences of city streets

and their green parks
booked against blue to keep them out

of the bones
native to commerce;

held indecisively behind questions,

as feathers have been laughed at
since wings have replaced notions of flying

rolling without breaks
or any indication of public transportation

at neurology,

as it can’t stop shaking
moving towards a fix without notification;

what came to make happen to the world
never spoke

but reaped
the minds of its inhabitants.

weep from the silence

of lamp-post witnesses,
mountains stoic in amaretto-eyed

distance, the removed
occurrence of transit

assembles an umbrella
of night sky

a blur of Colombian
coffee clouds the collector

of heights
in name of the I.

Myself found in the
dissolution of a lost my

caught in moonlight nets
of starfishes,

experiences of accumulated garden

to pocket, the

a congenial

the sun

deserting the traveler
of consumption

in the name of
non-communicable companionship with


Deserted tears thirst
for grapes of sand

as they blacken
assassinating attempts

upon the heart;

searching for

the night
crawls after the dawn,

such behaviors don’t exist
in America

flowing as a river
through the billion dollar safety-belt

suited for new discoveries,
what forgetting fails to find virtue in;




only what
death projects itself upon

the prepared bird of a delivered dish

hands its fish-body
over to the swimming dark

where life is said to exist
as two dark triangles appear as lips

and a white dot
of clarity emerges;

her tongue
reveals an entrance into

ravenous clarity,
paradoxically walling sides of a tunnel

appear as a body—

will our life
not become thunder

the emergence of lightning?

Butterflies float
from the worms of the bones within a nameless coffin,

light from another voice
in another personality

merges destruction
forming a search for disintegrated possibility,

the bones of a moment
food for the ongoing appetite of endless


Winter may become a result of war
robes of micro

bots may storm from above and below,
even so

death cannot rob us of the grave,
generosity has many appearances;

the lips of imminent carnations
kiss the mouth of ashes

as flashes over
surface of the unborn turtle

in an
undetected vase.

can you discover the ancestry

of an uncondemned sex-drive
in the skull

of human destiny
as it waves a flag of primordial nudity

carrying grief
off the battleground

into the chamber of belief—
where its architecture suddenly rattles

collapses into spring
releasing murder

from the killed season
the ones that have not kissed earth since eternity,

and as
the sun is cherry inside the lives of grapes

does death truly live in the heart of reality?

Oblivion might
be bottled in laughter haunted

by weeping
surrounded by the core

of a seed housed
in the death of flowers

as they blindly

silk of bloodless destruction

threatened by a lack of witnessed

the ocean
in danger

of becoming
non-sense scenery.

Will bees
offend the genetics of honey

as they fly and sing
and learn the songs of doves

as they sheep solitary sadness
of decayed relevance

from a book
called to sleep in the middle of a utility bill payment

where missions have been reported
aborted before condors could enter this world

and rage against
the ragged imposition of following orders?

Now talk to the sky
with the earth,

learn from a tree

with roots
hiding in the leaves,

live in the winter
of every pulse,

recently it was summer,
the trees

with their babies of compassion

moved to imagine
everything as a rhinoceros.

Where does the meteor dwell,
its gardens of iron, its

fallen vineyards of deceit,
strangling stars

out of invisibility
exposing gender to desirous, suicidal inclination,

where heaven
has erased consciousness and

figments of order
endlessly build a scaffold-horizon

while shadows wait
on the other side of futility

wanting to know the contents
of torment?

Unripened fruit
solemnly transforms:

if they awaken

will the machine
that genetically modified them


losing its life
to an image of a psychopathic father

even the nightmares of subsidized scientists

can’t escape

but become skinned
of sleeping,

as a made-up lie of semen-possessed hate
tortures their minds

in eternity?

With puppet
personality falling away

the skeleton
helplessly pursues

the moment;

has died an elderly death,

childhood remains in what
may never separate,

the unified frontier
of what never changes

as it unfolds
time from its physiological insides

out toward the utility
of an energy bill

of space;

it took use to develop,
grow up,

love, lose
love, never

know anything.

Children become elderly
what was inside

is gone, death
cannot escape its absent dominion.

Memories weigh on the
galactic face of

as infinity is called

to end
death in the face of forever,


never repeats itself,

restless nature
fights or flights

the darkness of
not knowing this, making

copies of itself
in the reactive-tank of

duplication; yellow
in this context

becomes the same
for another.

Blossom and kiss
what hasn’t happened;

deception never sprung
in a month which lasted a year;

lengths of time
have given us

a cluster of twelve-hands
shaping grapes by the number of apples

authorized to pass
a genetics’ test

to see if
January can remain still

throughout the whole

before it touches

a moment

A symmetrical blur
dazzles the silhouette

of a hanging

it does not
resemble the flight of the flock

of birds
it was known to belong to;

it lost its joy
in the rain of disintegrated sorrow;—

injustice is a pack of toys

with reason
as it explodes yellow across a silent


uncomb its hair,

dressed in
summer’s fireflies,

wild with fire

caught in the meadow
of the imagination;

spewing over
stationary waves

as they play

in the sea-mountains
of shell-water—

emergencies, the


of nature.

Sand declares
a repetition of sleep,

passion has not wasted
its rocks of struck

echoes wave over

the swath of scenery,
seeing this


into falling into a water-road

over mutilated sutures

as they climb

from behind

rock holes

swarm with

as they

granite green
amber blue demolish


of conviction.

limitless indifference

to the return of trees
palming island-landmass city-wind


a quaking drip

of instant
human evidence;

reveals its stench

between the emotion-less
lines of an

ancient face.

The road has cut off
whales of tricolored questions,

fire has died in the eyes of

peace darkens behind the
glow of a birthing octopus,

black sky
encompasses friendliness.

Ordered to battle
breaks continual

stained in bloodlines

of squall,
guilty pustules

covered sharks
devour eyes of the


Ash dusts
the front step of return

with twilight
pecking at the

uranium traceries
of search-engine

summers, digging
swallows out of the moon’s

cornered wallpaper,
torn from

reflective cornices
carried on the settlement on Mars;

swallows truthfully

radioactive dosages
of doves.

Here charge
these inspections

with distant animals
engineering tunnels

through the eyes
of turtles

swimming in sunlight


through hollowed

on Mars.

The moon
ties its tidal wave

present and
gives it to earth,

for a brief

mountains lean in
and ask time

to retrieve

before it becomes
too secretive

in the persistence
of deserted

as they wander

over the humps
of craters

beneath the domes
of believable eyelids

over the lakes

of perceivable

in the middle
of an invisible


The pineal gland
rides on horses

in the shape
of a horseshoe,

space resides
beside a platypus of questions,

planets fit
chairs over their faces

analyzing kisses,
inter-galactic outlaws

securitize space-suits
made for distant planets.

Decorum truthfully
regenerates green

patience in the mists
of early morning

sky, clothed
in the nudity of the sea

what is chosen

and what hoofs

planets on the back
of the night

beating the animal
to fly.

Where they didn’t forget

unfurled from a
sick flag of sleeping enemies

living in the confines of
what went out

in pride—

the doors of their own

torn down
comparisons, companions

that grew up without

born in the
space of


the peach tree
of a thorny-heart.

Masses of
mustard seed

accumulate yellow
grains of futures

that will never turn out
properly for a picture,

oblivion in the courtroom
important appearance of a


Sleeping on the destroyed
smell of

a watch
full of sorrowful cordilleras

drips mercury onto the

into dust

living in the
bones of our

final clothes
nothing to die in

but what is


in a salt-desert

on an alley
of death.

Gratitude emerges
in the fragrance

of talking

as a flea
shares his


arranged in the
metronomic conversations of birds

translated into
the languages of


The innumerable innocent
assigns names and numbers

and are flowers
of the darkening

sky in the
rosebush of barking trees

pale behind
a mask of kindness;

we learn

even if
always behaved


in a flag of


our skin

of rust.

Cars eventually

as they
stow too many vows

from society

onto the psyche
from which salmon

retrieve their

and creep
into the brain

naming moments

into the slither
of a serpent’s kiss,

a syllable snaps off

and floats
in the song

of a metal detector
flinching to shine.

Drops of
jackal blood

fangs on

staring in the wide open

stars of the ocean’s
repetitive air;

at dawn
smooth particles of sound

may loosen
from the tormented structures of civilization

and en
language themselves

into rainfall;
chimney flames never notice

as the o in

remains free
yet embedded deeply within this matrix;

simply are unnoticed.

What we
have not yet lived

floats afar
witnessing time burry

a window
in which no one remained—

a sealed honeycomb

down the meaning of a kiss.

Stand still cyclones
are called

to subtract soldiers,
and with numbers

the ant
lines letters the bee knows

need to be sent
so it can understand its itinerary;

what flies
presented on frozen ponds

where the butterfly reads.

Rivers that never
extend further

than the stars which do
all the speaking—

punishment of the earth,
a crater in pursuit of

extinct volcanoes

lifeless pits
of attachment.

Gold teeth
pulled by a hammer

a mouth collects

funneled blood
down the throat

children scorched

feeding themselves
their own ashes,

fumes of the dead

off a
factory wall

painted in cadavers

has been off the planet for more than 70 years;

dying under
the gas

of which
he cannot die.

Night and day

of psychological
deformity fueled by

travel without rest

without mercy

strangled Rottweiler’s

and devour
the earth

with wild fires
pouring out their eyes

the rainforest

within barbed wire

placing sleep
in an oven of

price tags.

Always the
same season

continual revived

roles of electricity,
greeting the consumer

with an air
of flowers and color—

yet rhizomes
stretch for nutrients

and roots know
without the help of public education

to reach towards light
in speeds necessary

to climb through
the shudder

of a winter-camera

they must change
their skin

to resemble
the season known

below the surface,
where sea salt goes cold

and all the rivers are

the seasons understand

they cannot
enter legally

or tampered wheat
will arrest them

for having stolen gold
from a metallic-flower

possessing great

between the orchids of flour

whom the
earth loves more—

as fir trees disappear
mini-malls appear

working humans
away from the grain’s

of sun.

The extradited rose
held under the decree of appointed seasons

brothers with the magnets of
forgotten integrity;

neglected magnetism
understands the earth,

perhaps the pulse
of the galaxy, this

trembles in the ordinary leaf

deep within there is a

for something to happen

where yellow
doesn’t hang

by the
abandonment of its clothes

where it lingers in the spaces
between branches

until leaves


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