The World

circling around a
breath of air,
cars with their tireless shapes
explaining the meaning of events
to the
recording industry,

archival-sets, font-types, and numbers
these categories still exist, whether
the White House knows it or not, is also

how spots, hanging
on a dog
as it retrieves its bone in
full day light at the mall

where if anything
radios would record the new
hot song, straight off the lips of a lollipop
chorus and her
tattoo sparkling dolphin glimmer, children
ride the back

of a new download, as old
folks homes are found in the MP3
swimming round the cup of water
in search

of its missing sugar, cops
were out looking for years, now
it’s time to accept, cobs
of corn on sale at Spruce, 12 for 2 dollars,

becoming a growl of wolf-packs
about to dual over
territory, people getting
shot in their own neighborhoods
in the inner city, in the inner
portion of the mind

we all are what never was
and is occurring
even if

thinking is what you know yourself to be


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