Sea Monsters

mountains contain
the curtain of the eyelid
as it descends over regions
of seeing, landscapes
appear beneath the patch with
monsters not easily describable, depictions
of old captains who drew these versions of them
left us images of them
before we were born

where images flashed into
the brain and taught
us rain and clouds were surfaced
through a tunnel of vocabulary,

yes that was school as punctuated by
facts, taut rope held by two
towering pillars of strength, hope
and fear

staring through the eyes of every citizen,
student, grandparent, buildings
surround the insides of fishes, the dolphins
out to play, out to lunch, eating a burger, cows
are holy in India and holy cow was a slogan

Presidents rose and fell as thorns in a bush
leaves in autumn and rocking chairs
as they ebb, rivers, as they fall—the flow
of relationship, the in and out breath, about
to take a sip of tea from my owl mug


upstairs he blares Peter Pan, and that’s
just his brain talking
the one no one can hear but himself, as it
is translated across the
creaks the ceiling makes and never

mistakes the spaces in which our
ears grasp at it
in attempt to retrieve information about the state of a screaming
baby, the one decaying beside the

rats, we of course are blanketed over
by July snow
and the fuzz of distortion as to what
dictionaries might mean when transacted across a
surface of consciousness, a type of

flatbread no one can see,
eat when such potential news
is presented, at times

all we can do is wait and see
if footsteps will die down, and we can perhaps
glimpse a past-life memory, where
indeed the three of us are lost at sea, and he,
as lightning stirs a cup of baked beans, blended
the food with his thoughts, and he

lost his brain


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