mountain town clouds
swarm roof-top peopled
by sunlight cars
neighborhoods and cops

pop-tarts one a.m.
ceiling caffeinated coconut
water computer flashing
desk chair cushion
carpet bear-naked
straight-jacket asleep upstairs

don’t want to
wake the interconnection-facilitation
debris of momentary

when it isn’t necessary

clouds appear in
window people by
cars as they
drone on police
show and a.m.
gains notation coconut
plops lopsided flashes
cushion held crouches
skinned without a
house on upstairs

TV wants to
gain awake light
monetary scenes
made from talking
until un-necessary appearances
achieve momentum
under window camera
glared on as
helicopters are heard
showing little notice
of notation from
blinking lopsided plots
held in cornered
bones without a

the cases
of TV watched
with grains
of scenery
mouthful of pixels
not necessarily useful

showcases images
camera shut snapping
glares at the
helicopters storming in
with little to
no notice from
blinking half-lidded pots
hostage cornered bordering
bones without an
access code cases
of watched commercials
attain a speechless
all the mouthfuls a
digit most necessarily
helps with

velocity thumb snaps
the air here
is rough storms
with little announcement
appear from eye
tucked half-lidded sockets
held at border
bones of a
cast aside case
of non-commercial bred
humans non-attainable citizens
of landscape
stand in the
mouths of digits
necessary collectables


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