Independent Contractor

court order one year, and necessity of tea,
no arm chair not healthy all the straight-jackets of a
middle ground sense of humor and

these penguins wobble
talk of pixel plethora screen can handle both
angle slice of pumpkin oranges in suntan lotion loads up on

mosaic farm-chains pit of arm grass-sway ageless
connotations junk-up grown
boxed out of the codex but loans continual

fold out convex, both

this time on a device hardly amputated except

heard in bird-brain
untrained events run
loose in the wild

waste bin
bandages and didn’t want to fix it


cooped up in pigeon feed, river runs off to the nowhere-tongue
and speed odometer no complaint either side of hemispheric ravine wait
and see scenario, never

dialed in and chopstick implements a wattage formulating criteria, this
below surface now swim

widgets contrast containment facility focuses on debriefing the out
side, once it’s stripped layer by layer, untwined
boxes of loose leaf fall over and there’s only empty-window

looking in tinted upon silver-rim of nothing staring back at the
parachute-necessary by houses of the old imprint, and didn’t/wasn’t

too late air envelopes body-take off now ceremony which is always
on continues
time in the distorted ability mathematicians’ had foggy-glassed over
appliances for the wedding expected when young, as

school medicine administered highway down throat-less ghosts of the
landscape, hear them

those spines are yours
they occupy every sensation
crawling adult the whole thing


hard to believe but
called to order as
loins knew follow of

how it’s incomprehensible
a spider-waltzes across carpet as if undetected
cameras in the corners
couldn’t interject


read manual
thoughts are screen on radar follows every footpath taken blip of energy is scenery,
zebra nesting there

wattle and wager

pace made to gain a trick
in instillation chamber
one two ready made film switch


and off lends a lens when it’s leaning over it’s lead to language-lay with a plan
won’t work, planets
hardly belong

staying outside the orbit

watches in docile blue things appear
flashing their bulbous thank you

whatever the heck checks-in and speaks
lights of the color
never words in any language simply

vibrations encoded in back of the brain
registered in the frontal lobes


we’re on the same page


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