8 o’clock wake up

uncoiling cemented shacks in the
psyche-evening forever-palace of marginal
slides along to another nub-stop, pulse

continuation always even after body has
fallen off earthly existence specimen of this
unfolding farewell hello here are balloons, people

floating on escape passports
tethered to rubber-surface, run and
froth after turn of the key

locked out or shut in or shudder play on shuddering display when when has gone
down the road again
to another place off the beaten highway
tucked in the pocket, the back one

pens can jab and wallet at times stays, housed
in the cuticle the newspaper the Denver Post, now
you may enter entrances with that lovely dining room on, sway
ballerina turquoise Bedouin haunted eye-glances, they

cut swordfish dishes in half just to see what justice provides ice when it’s on the table swinging to ballroom lunches munching on popcorn saw a movie in half and donated the later to the former part of a conversation we haven’t yet had, and

wings of a butterfly
magnetize round the circumference of this
earth-lip-walker caked in the drapes of sleeping in too long and
caffeine at all wrong-house at all hours of happenstance turning towards liver who seeks no shelter and obliges by the weather and torments the injustice of it not in any other way, so

it speaks when hungry growling
upset the Saturn never cut-off effect upon goers desiring
to clarify the over-utility in capital, the mutilation
it occurs upon experience, the necessity to money-make then
cut out corners donate and speak, it’s

easy-grease spray graffiti allows us in that we must eye-ball on all these perspectives, units
of freedom, units of OHM electric bill came 55.89 and will pay it’s only a curve on a
marker where a cairn sits, feel

Arnold build muscle feel injector-scream at the reasonable projection screen, honk
car on password code access bank account signed out extradited from a website and
on pause to resume this movie later, while

computer still downloads, need to update, maturity
going through all those step ladders to find the right wallpaper, the type
which everyone could see, even
those who aren’t looking, and wham

here you go punch in the eye-socket learned faulty lessons from school, regurgitated
paperwork, later on became council, sniff
that’s the heat of black tea as it sits in owl mug, harnessed to desk
starting shake in a birth-pang of a robin-breasted process, it’s

probably healthy none of this red-meat, slowly
daisy appears, where
do monkeys leave, now considering
Indian spice curry on the tongue at every turn of the syllable, actually

splices of difference into fragmented portions, and it’s
21st post everything cereal number code on the bar serial chocolate yum-crunch prison 18 and a hook personifies great captain and runs the mallet of wooden-legged boxes to their debris-end

suppose so, is what’ll happen, the invisible-knife blade of circulation
as it undermines the habits of habitats built in the bodily sensation

a year later


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