Live-In Care-Giver

what is expected of a tamed
lion, should it remain
as an open emotion without words attached so the throat just wobbles
(like the time I kissed a girl who just left her mouth open)

like death to all human rights
and no one should explain their gender
faculties to the immobile courtroom of denied desire to reach ends of conflict, in the
eyes of the landlord

these pieces of black and white
chess players display
a canvas with shark bite

to sink the swim and gain the blood in the meat then
success equals where equality fails
to meet the ends of a world that isn’t in the jaws

the world in the eyes of a jewel
whose captured
as a princess in a movie made in the 1980’s
by you know who and their theme park, just
incase I said it and was sued the TM

on the TM theTM
can finally contain all the advertisements necessary to magnetize appreciate income, and finally
to take that plunge
and go on that deepening family

exhale-vacation and export all control into the vernacular of car-wheels and
engines, trollies in San Fran, subways in New York, coast
to coast

showcases of ghost-jewels missing from their ghost-hands in the missing glass-case, like
when in class you were called to answer and all the kids laughed and laughed, where
that memory was coated in anger and later emerged as bullets in a theatre, how

could the trials of daily tribulation coalesce into a mysterious mess of blood
all over the floor, the psychology
of the wonder blunder spilling over the bathtub in the brain of a doctor who
can’t quite put the puzzles in the boxes they belong to, then
take the pieces each box is and place them together, to
formulate cleaning, that

indeed having a cleaning schedule, just as
a fire truck engine roars passed,
is important

less we all get burned down because there’s too much junk
in a man’s brain and too much
space in the parking lot where legs would go if chickens would open

their necks for the prices they’re worth, but
he’s not cheating on his wife, and we’re not at King Soopers
buying fried

food for dinner, nope
it’s going to be veggie soup the type you
hate and pour down the drain and never explain why

this is how it is, why
there’s no explanation to any of these things, strange
weather in Colorado, too much
rain in July

too much yearly rain in one month
times twelve donuts and getting overweight is a serious problem in the US, obesity
haunts the fringes of imagination, pop-tarts

at 2 in the morning and diabetes
runs in my family, as fear is a mechanism to protect
seat belts from falling out of their eye sockets when
rinsed to plug into their clickers, all these

neurological sensation, whoa
hands going down there, sunlight
descending open-line of horizon, without
teeth felt

holy-cow counting them as sleep descends, listening to
938 hz every night, check it out check it out,
veggies on a plate

is how it all is
in the daily haunted eyeball
that assurance
that the live-in—
time to deep weed,
time to deep weed the front yard,
and good
job in the back for mowing the lawn, but

it needs another trim soon, and these poltergeists
have to go, just as
an interpretation from cell phone
or operating system needs a new update
and urine

builds in its proper place
an architecture designed to look ancient, but
reflects the Coca-Cola

occurred previously when at Subway
I ran into you and we spoke about illumination found in the heart and
the importance

of having a heart-felt center view on

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