un-trained marks escape through forests
fenced in with tension wanting to break spaces
for doorway possibilities of breathing, but

fists grab time and swing it over shoulder and walk on
toward sunrises dis-respected sunsets simply wind-down
now to count till the moment comes when clouds part and

stairwells appear from the eyes of the distance
as memories can’t operate the same system, outdated, need new technological
emotional-software to upload, and un-load, it does, and fuzz clears, mourning

doves from car-tires of stories lined in the veins of lies told
over the grain of sand, tied to show-up, and shows’ on, when it
appears we’re here and the world keeps spinning knitted lucky-charms

dangle, but those are only ornaments of false perceptions staring into
the heart of false objectification, the chair is the chair, while dolphins
swing from their meanings, and was—that close to grabbing one and

know, simply walking brings dimensions to synchronize shapes resembling
a present, box-deconstructed on the deflated instrumentation of the moment, and
yes this relief is in fact what was called for, only hard to accept it, in a moment of trans-

formation information, form-un-informed forming, out of concentration
stages of healing, now appealing, wings fly and the world slowly merges
into dissolution, rain-drops in July, but that’s nothing to worry about, not yet, and

again there’s not a fist in these hands that can squeeze subjective-windows
onto grease-pans and plant seeds where glass-plates appear as friends, and
finally family and everyone we’ll ever know, all comes to an end, and we

get to practice this attempt when we’re pillow-facing sleep,
or do we?


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