there’s little room to
decline these
stairways as

unbutton a
tuft of skin
and showcase a

of grass blades

all over the carpet
a packet of sheep
walk out

as the ceiling falls
upon my lips

dazzle in

and provide
speeches to the

who’d prefer to sit back and watch

but is demanded to

jury in Centennial
jury in Centennial
jury in Centennial

is the whole world watching
or just this
breakfast table and tomorrow
he’ll go to church

but are peeling cookie sheets
or the chocolate and marshmallow gram cracker smoosh

sometimes we need to simply drift
from the iron-sheet of the pillow

let slime molds grow
(you should see my toilet)
and know gasoline controls cars and

airplanes are still overhead
it’s July
and there’s still panic

everything in us all the time is trying to survive
everything in us all the time
is conveying the message of fight or flight

threat or peace threat or
Iran and US Europe will come to some middle-peace
some middle-ground

to lift sanctions
babies and families

to lift sanctions
and Iran in exchange would drop their nuclear program
amend it in some such way so it
would qualify for a drop
of food and a drop of money for their

babies and families
and so on and so on
until there are babies popping out of New York windows

and babies driving cars
and babies driving busses
and babies driving garbage trucks

and babies doing brain surgery
and babies attending college
and babies having babies

and all of this can be heard
in a
twists and turn
over the same

strange piano
pulse over the same strange
combination of difference on a pulse


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