Running Faucet

sun finally
shows up for a brief visit
then night

comes swift
on the wings of two black birds
the world in each eye

pierces the glow
worm in the side of this after
math after breath

turning good flavor
to good taste buds
where good people go to church

and there’s this one thing
itchy catchy and burning
irritation in the bushes

outside a bird calls
from the north
a distance in its throat

herd of gazelle
shine from the headlights
of this U-turn

hope doesn’t mind
but can get in the way of walking
a store window

display the warning
label on the back of the general’s

there isn’t anything wrong
it’s all about how we are perceiving
light as it enters rips future off the wall

here is a planet
it shines blue in the photograph
there are people at the amusement park

carting groceries to the car
now unlocking the door
and unloading

summer into a refrigerator
seams are cut from the fringes of thought
here is a handful of tears

organics and apples
genetically modified or natural
an organic baby born organically from

her vagina

not everyone gets the chance to risk
possibility against all odds
it takes a privileged position to try

where most would sink-flat
and those were the percentages I took
still alive went to therapy


clouds part and the
rays of sun have returned
unlike a still-life the painting is fluid

jelly-fish crawl from the
river’s of the ripples of the water
which is heat

wave made of photons
a creaky ceiling
tension has dissipated from the sides

of boiling water
making tea, no
instant coffee

stirred it with a fork
caught a spider in a glass jar
they all have personalities

air condition makes their
emotions cold
he complains of being too compressed

we open a window
the gas leaks anyway

it smells bad
her ass
hot with each palm print

gripped by the sides of life
if on a death-bed what does it matter
can’t bring this computer along

how does a road appear when
under construction
here is freshly picked yarrow

distribution whole sale
gasoline it takes to drive

deliver but the sky is still itself
one less bullet in a gun

equals the stories we read
in the
dead trees as they appear with black ink

on them
microscopic viruses live on the mites
on flies

carbon dioxide is what makes us burp
I’m not afraid of the fire alarm
Friday is cleaning day

running water is heard
taking a shower is one thing
forgetting to turn off the faucet is another


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