Ode to Colorado Economy

it’s cold in here
today and the warmth
of the sun is
tucked away from the world
behind clouds of storm
and thick thunder

anticipating light from a streak
caused by friction
yet never occurs


sitting here
watching the sky
laugh a twinkle of
corn cob
hat yellowing
dandelion sweat
stench of life


there is no more to be said
a street below horizon
drives cars to the city
in the distance where gold
was harvested
mounted on


bodies of ghost

for reasons never forthcoming

repeating anyone
anyone’s nobody

for what?


all went to squander

silver caves
caves to
gain caves
for economy
everyone and their cousin

digging for
something digging

digging their lives in the numbers
of what numbers could equate to

for the misses and little Timmy


a town of these types with their grey
faces turned dust to ash
day weeks months years


hot blazing sun

bodies turning dark amber
below sky

endless blue



train tracks appeared

city street walkers
their lives in knap sacks
teeth of broken railroad

born in the century of another’s
somebody in another somebody centuries born

hearing out of tune whistles
and what only these whispers
as they commingle containers of tin cans ring
truth from corner stores of last weeks prices
and the weather

how has it changed

how has it changed


no one to explain it

neighbors are theories

nearly replaced books

and food
quietly becoming more natural

while water from the faucet is probably poisonous
and microwave use for dinner

it’s not that one time was a utility bill more than another but
perhaps one time was singularly one time


nothing to talk about much
what there’s to talk about
only what there is to talk about




and sleep still asleep
to secure what machine
meanings pick up when
their watching brain waves across the surface of a
thoughtless ocean driving


to the brink of
collapse while they mutate
children from their loins and
process money into digital graphs
of reproduction


for people are also corporations voting
with the intelligence of three year olds
not communicating

yet there’s communication-technology


and she says slow down
which he does but his hard cock keeps pounding


clouds pass from the window
eyes fall with tears
of the uselessness in abandonment

emails are sent and
repairs are needed cups
of coffee support locations and
facilities in basements keep the quiet

quiet the Denver post
with all its daily
information instruction
on the back of the box

I’m hungry for veggie dogs
with ketchup while the
cookie pan
inside our bellies


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