Morning of July 8th

wake up to this
grey day
breaking dream’s seams

before they become too
suffocating the sandwich

before it becomes cheese
melted the squirm
in brain-room

guts all over the wall
the insect
barely escaped

and there’s no

breathing human experience
roommate eats with previous care-giver

cell phone off
but on call
communication the necessity of veggie juice

for the body
yogurt a great probiotic

everything in the blender
but for now
all these memories

need to pay a bill

bought stamps yesterday
Washington DC
in Japanese style paint brush

toilet paper
also an essential element for feng shui
must purchase coffee

craigslist calls
search for geography
who accepts these receipts

and collects them for binding
no one I know
at night in bed

I’m not out seeing a movie
birds outside the window chirp
noises of clouds

ready for day-program
he walks loudly
across the wooden hallway

spoke to his being
last night before sleeping
his travels as light

brought him to
these sadness’s
of brain injury

not upset
uncoiling fingers
learn to spider-leg relax

and not pounce too soon
as patience a hunter

on the carpet
masculine wisdom
confused in the mirrors of society

or erased
for misinterpreted boot-clomp

days are made of undoing
from a perspective
of webbed-strata

thread of wonder
little thoughts are caught

devoured immediately
a filled belly is a privilege
many may never know what the 1st world is

collapse always present on radar
wouldn’t you agree
the presence of everyday – when

and who cares
need to go to the grocery store
need to wake up

later we might go out to dinner
but before that
sit breathe feel earth turning

history away from
biting the interior walls

of mouth
when inside you

into the core of
Hawaii Hawaii

bike broken
doesn’t mean lava doesn’t flow
only fossil

fuels and dreamt
drinking gasoline
from a water container

and nearly was beaten
by disturbed people
needing to get to Crestone

rain on the windows
selenite kept company
at night while sleeping

the world
a crystal
and oysters smile

a present

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