Watch for Watches

at times it’s hard to say exactly what goes where when
the sidewalk spilling from lips and filling crevices with spiders
worm their ways through mazes of grocery store aisles in search
light outfits for people in the zoo
who melt their tongues on wire and hang
in the price tags of a violin
encased with too much to do tomatoes sit and smile
watch a pigeon come and go
watch for watches as they twitch their sticks at the twig-prig spurning zoom
on a camera in the deli case near the cash register right around the corner
the border rings with cartoons and a door slides with gasket fume
someone on the other side of the window bangs it twice and is gone
with a faun in hand the rumors of memories circulate and make their emotions known
I hear you listening to a hundred and one things at once and no one to reflect them on

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