The One Up There

clouds in the eyes of an oriole strikes a spider away from
walking off the table and falling to its doom-reaction nervous system
on parental control helps keep the fecal in
matter of fact keeps the day at its point and many still go to church
with all its Sunday and there’s family in the shelter beneath a grasshopper
as a leaf is blown and the air conditioner clicks on
for he who lives upstairs is the one who lives above me

the one who lives there is not the person who is this
one who is the one who is up there the one
who doesn’t know what two things are who can’t put one
and one together to make two things count like two
pieces of paper sticking things to tangents cuts curls from the head
of the carpet to the head of the table a crop of corn and a
hustle to a bus to Denver not far from here

mantras whisper in mountain light

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