The Fifth of July pt. 1

fourth of July again appeared in the mirror
through a crack in the wall of its talking syndrome
matching its face with the face of its children
the children of the face with the face of a margin
syncopation chatting of its laws in the snacks through
mirroring in appearance gained July a fourth
of its talking face in the face of the people who
through food at the walls of the chatty incubation
fourth of a month spaces a period morning of
mirrors who people for their faces the face of talking an
institution talkative with rooms for the food moves at
dawn error of a space with tons of TNT
remarking the faceless faces a day for the people who
walk edible light for such chatty insistence


fireworks for the people in the distance
for the door in the hallway for the wind
chimes of the moment in the bathroom


these spaces are made by the affirmation of a flag
promised in the words of this document


finally it’s the 5th of July
we’re still alive
and I’m proud of being

human in a location with
incongruency with principles

pacified from murdering
its intelligent

it’s true


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