Of Air

the indeterminate moment of what may come next
for many may be a cause for emotional-earth rotation

occurrence however happens outside ability to hold back
twitch, the orbital spheres and all their directionality
happening whether ice-cream is tasted as chocolate or

and this is a premise for trees to rise and factories
for whatever may arise has and will—

inevitable: only result of energy manifesting through
the mediums of its wiring

again if this is doubted then foggy glasses are only a case of disapproval
and this quality of Inn may remain for ions to come after the body
has died

depending on the person

such associations can appear to arise and die upon recognition’s surface a
ghost of the molten lava below resurrecting from the grass
and instantly by direct sunlight within the eyes of the human who
looks at it

it vanishes and all imprints associated with mirrors’ affect void
from the weight exchange in value associated with breathing and
the world feels that much more safer, that much more

unknown but less obscure

looking into a window smeared with
cream cheese the museum operator on the other line of the
teleprompt focusing puzzle pieces into the view of the aligned-spinal-watcher

it all begins to translate to what is necessary for actually touching
something over here where the word grass and grass itself can disappear

we do not need to battle

shadows for they are only dials of a clock a hand switching air
holes shouldn’t have to be batted away from their porous necessities
membranes and so forth, but

of course it all happens only when not understanding the implication of
standing still with the beauty of terror and it’s understandable when door
frames are framed away from their handles and what stretches the imagination
is only how to murder a fly or capture a spider of the toilet flush

not the most helpful
in terms of the connectivity a rod has
potential for channeling electricity
but when the dumb-asleep shows of pillow-infested cow counting circulation of bills
and high ranking debates in the brain to add up to semicolon
of a street signed with the mark of advertising, and we have
leaders behind campaigns for drinking more internet-salad and
guns guns guns guns guns guns

are not only a 2nd amendment right
and abortion clinics are plotted
against as if they were death camps, the world
can’t help but educate itself
into the dilated sensations of you, children

attending class and learning TV for entertainment after a day of
sensational unrest caused by the facts of
social adaptation, developmental mirroring,

thunder storms

the murder conditioned
by the destabilization of inner and outer regions
causes of the multitude for un
wanted behavior un

wanted anything behaves against the grain of rice and the change of Yellow Stone
National Park pressure under the surface of a bird’s song, a river with as much
water as a city in a river, only was suppose to contain as much as a trickle from a funnel
of personality, and suddenly

information overflow opening gates to an experience of Oneness, yet
having banned such intoxicating possibilities of floodgate-seeing, the
world finds doorways in places which magnetize how all must appear and

therefore trusting the oscillation between cracks in a sidewalk and how
small sprouts appear takes work-time to develop muscles of an
eyelid below the surface of an eyelid and how

can this occur when this culture doesn’t value its own fingerprints of tied
around the knotted suffocation of body imprints handed down
societies of past survival runaways scapegoated by their gendered shades of


the concerned patrols of forced into an energy duct and executed to propel
deforestation upon the bodies of the bodies that will pass along church
bell ghosts to their daughters

Oprah Winfrey

helps to untangle the slave knotted throated sex contaminated thoughts of a generation
of women who struggle with these most
commonly, now exposed specimen of water-bugs, swimming

in the drinks of conversational smiles

through aisles at a grocery store to meet someone for dinner and then say
in how the hole in the earth a censored animal crawls its way and drags its claws through
the tongue keeping information as sub-air pressure in cabin deck control to keep
heat vents angled proportionally right but

of course at night

when dreams come their secrets revealed and the strangling octopus of the
sternum strips itself

turn on the TV

to find relational proportion of exact measure
such stuck fractals in the diplomacy of negotiations with their possibilities
of non-negotiations or un-negotiations

can begin to surface when searching for alternative uses in a pattern
on a surface

of demolished topics as the arousal of recognition
falls upon a platter which
helps recreate a vantage view on the past

and if allowed in
to penetrate the destruction of jail
fabricated by the meal
of one’s thought-spins
the day can announce a new way of looking

at the outside

world or flag or feeling or family or where the origins of a car door slam
came from in the idea of how to approach a chair of an orientation to talk
from and sit in and know
to own a thing a fact a MacBook way of

touching another’s soft supple nipples

to remain unlearned by the non-documented cloud-song
speaking soft morning fog through the window of the tongue
as it slides from the river of its untangling parenthesis located on the sides
of society in a basement in a house where few people may ever come to meet


places which leave these places as places only in electric similarity
to the acceptance of the ohms
output on the meter as it delivers certainty
the amount of energy it exits
these affirmation concrete stacks of undeniable sidewalks
help us walk

even if

they aren’t desired are unwanted weren’t asked for happened to us, at
least we’ve got something to work with something to relate to something we can
identify and even the unidentified to identity
that which is not something we can yet—

is to look at a doorframe and know there is possibility
of an emerging color
which may contain qualities connected to the vase it is
in with the pricing of Japanese swans
on the side or whatever print on the sides
of approach has for the person that walks forward

to touch anything and we
do need teachers just as we do need parents
and these people are the ones to point out the patterns
as they already are there

but we

simply needed the developmental help of someone else mirroring what
was blinded by the shades of the house in the iris of orange July
built with all of its gifts and skills for

meeting the sides of the outer region for communicating clearly, job
requirements, and auto-pay help accentuate these nuances,
waiting for customer service musical display annoying the receiver

as time
is value where money may gain pressure build in the clitoris
of another’s hands
but to forget how it all interplays

balance scatters to the wind
and biting on the thin wire then
there is always someone or something to blame

which keeps the dead dead and the sleep asleep and no one moves an inch
from the rising grass as it distributes its ghosts
into the static electric air current, o

look now lightning in the wind, sudden vanish, okay
training is necessary to break free from the isolated vanishing points of Antarctica in the
numb-box of exchanging information and qualities of spacial-tonalities with another

personal information and sharing that color
generates type of human
thing necessary for veggies and fruits in the freezer to become
digested in time and this suggests
while there are zero exits to depend on, we

at least can find holes in grounds of relation to stand on
and smile

perhaps this is the promise of air


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