Lady in Rain (alt 2)

this does not include the development of a surface
this created the famine and in our present day
this is not an option,

choose to view
a swallowing feminine touch,
the tiger: his body, twice atomic-light

an aviation distribution of god,
love: the spirit caged ribs
before and after the explosion, never leaving samples

burning colors,
we can hear the water
approach death

city traffic
an obstacle of radio static


he mingled with myth
not a transformer,

oncidium needle,
fuses, mouth


they eat

sun and dust, and the sphere, dead, reflection
a zebra, to stop rain
while living

children are at risk of harm
we are proud of the area


what happened before
without love
and zero bones, time, various organizations

create fingers
given to the tragic folly of rushing

Sangre de Christo, memory
open the door, do not look at the door
below the hill

vocabulary breathing, then,
before you take the wood
so you can take away their interests, follow the postman

call the bank
a castle


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