Lady in Rain (alt 1)

it will hide this transmutation of surface
it is what creates hunger, until now
it is not a choice, dictated landscapes

however, relax in the necessity to swallow
the woman’s touch, an art of the tiger,
of his body clawed twice by light,

located wind in the transport, scattered divinity,
our ghost under my ribs beloved atomic,
does not leave sampling-blast before or after

burn the dye
we will listen to the water,
early death

despite the city’s traffic,
hell, as an obstacle to the radio


his myth will mix it
not a transformer,

dancing on top an orchid-pin
blow fuse, debris
lying in the mouth

you will eat it
before going to bed

hot sun and dust and a ball of death, it will reflect,
wait for the rain to stop zebras,
despite their survival

childhood risks destruction
brought joy to a region of the wild within us


what has occurred before
there is no love in it
time, such as our various bones of unification

create a finger
notes the stupid tragic of rushing moss
reindeer carry us

Sangre de Cristo, memory
locked the door, it does not attend, door open,
knocked an ant mound

vocabulary, you need to breathe, you,
before you start the tree
look at the tears of their own interests, then, please follow the postman

call the bank
capture a castle


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