Shade of Person Drinking Water

hear these worships
cast aside long glances

to their toes, it’s true
phone tones have

replaced glances,
long wedded locked

books coarse gods
of grass blades

downward, searching spiral
measure of meaning the affairs



beings however lost
sensibility of talk

and these worlds
colliding synthesis are

by no means to greet
hook, beak, or talon

for a dead swooping species


momentum under
thumb of a clock

pressed swatch
ants the moment of

blood fills streets
thank goodness

that is not our country


tucked away from governance
other dictionaries

what pertains in the
archive of each word

transcribed here

contains enough information for questions
fall silent


echo reiterate
a grain of salt

and it’s
allowed single access if it’s

heard contextual among
staircases descending to find

note worthy presents
in the midst of building a new symphony

harmonics join a jamb of a door
sway close to the alphabet



outside a window
frontyard stares

mirrors of the person
who drinks water

from this glass
slowly lemons

down a throat
no one

chemistry gaining

brain soliloquy

seldom walking

down to meet shadows
edge and ask for assistance


the size of night
sky opens a palm

misinterpret drops of turquoise
owl tears


jade cuts through
confusion static

gas station

cell phone off during pump

encapsulated beneath morning medicine
for the client

the closet

another pathway before park forests entrance closed properly


bird chirps
regurgitate a hallway

walking down
the middle of the afternoon

outside in the ice

water fountain

behind eyelids
wrist watch




cloudless spaces
begin to swell

consciousness unignorable

without war
cotton ball

the ear industrialized hole
zone of orange cones

a pear possibility

rest awhile
phone calls


took out the trash
drank blended vegetables

ripened necessity

sparkles coalescing
a car

cost effective

participant seatbelt
coil about a meridian

to gain another look at the passenger
is to gain acceptance of what drives


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