Whispers from a Distance

time jams the sequence initializing
aimed at the rays of a multitude un
spoken beneath each shelter a passing

hummed years
avalanche settled
continually growing ear
someone in the smell
pokes brain-scissors contracts
color milk squeak clean
laundry nestled in jagged briefcase-coop


gains memorized gland
palm of equations
half answer
devoured the plant-pose
calculate against grains of this switch

we must find a way through
spaces evaporated sugar cane
north pole sauce slope
ace of spade taught what
cools in the fluid unescorted
by scone deplored chips of white paint

deodorant church bell hula-hoop
morse code oil spill outdated

again sponge heaps balance beams when searching critter nose-keeps
keys hidden tucked bird cage nostril hair twitches wireless air flies from tip
ejects entrance slipping cone cuticle dot exact portion of its home onto a


as circuits sound chirp to hum bird release
cylindrical hose meets data collectors trash receipt breeze
featuring defeat settling upon these faces

and everyone greets again, hello
and welcome
days are young clouds part
shapes hands and cards throw off
vomited shades of portrayed farm houses, again

lets speak openly
call me without grease stained plank knive forking depths chicken thigh bones of grave robbed heart, seized in the pliers of a ducks bill, quill and plough, trenches of tractor wagon crossing fields in corns view of apple dictation formulations for dustpan later on

squiggle pickles a prune between teething remarks
stern shade in rock and sweaters sandpaper from eyebrow tincture
drip drop sunlight spills counter-weight balances
a neck tie with a distaste of cotton filtered moth hallways
echoed in the dragging nails of floorboard purpose, mice

they must greet chair legs and force feed ice to their children, or no, those
are diamonds behind display cases a carrot in the donkey’s
mirror facing itself shades of the gender an it contains Colorado

in a jar the sky of a lid cloud can’t wait for rain


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