We Won’t Do Much

breaking through the screen reaching through the means to grab who’s watching blinks swing in and out of existence providing a swinging motion—mentionable for those who seek seeing mythic proceedings—pink-edgy clipper’s eclipse negotiating ellipses when
necessary lips pinch squirms and fidget tempest mimicry at the passcode, can
you enter this

slip-and-slide diaphragm-mist evaporating upon apparently only
when undone dines dish-wrecked set of coupon, cute-ton-of-love:
foggy groggy grownup upstairs
lost in dislodged pockets of brain, rain
hovering above us, fuzzy
and tempting, yet won’t,

suffocates anticipation split-between here and humid’s sensation, sensing
patience rise between attention spans land’s depth wedges widths across
expiration’s last stand before language rubber, snapping
all the forest anyone has left to stretch, stress

little different mentionable mess non-calculated socks stuffed with
split end drift wood gland banging vase-mazes of splinter-jagged fans
vintagely merging together information architecture’s currently worn outfit, flex

intrenches masks
weapons, everyone’s upset with, we get that, but this is not that operation, we
need closed fuses muses with tattoo mermaids curfew against
entrance pest fences fence rescue mending sanctions burn into
sanctuary carrying cardinal estuary mannequin program jammed courtly
orders portions of yellow corn could formulate control button sequence onto, or
dress chess piece smelling sawdust melt-down parking lot investment soil before

grownups enter and remove trashbin formula, there
won’t be anything left but
twitchy neurons coaching hold-ons to not move
unless spoken to unbroken news remains safe-guarded against inturpretion when
lends air stagnate nestled upon transistional template
what no one expects coming, the

moment when another splits over and we’re easily
having done anything

on the other side


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