Portrait of a Nude at the Top of the Staircase

in the woods, thought detected a faint scratching
throbs in car tires the notes of a chirping key-bird, tweaking harmonic dejections upon detected paradoxical staircases swishing versions of visions mirage apparition montage-orchards apple mint conditions purpose misty minutes frozen
over loaded motions just stand statue perfect noting singing instances situate
direction switching non-specific arrivals from over there

walking to take discovery by the hand and enter another destination in the ignition of
sequenced seemingly without dance windows actually butterfly change charges chance with daisies, avenues

for the dignified ice following baskets caked in balances cheese and blitz flowers excrete wolf trails mantis legged owls waving
negotiated spaces weighs on this hidden meadow of grassy knife blades
curbing faces out of horse stationed plank returning pirate ship voyages

or intuitions severed in halves pieces a puzzled headless rubbed necktie of ancestral laces
shows go border patrol
hearing aid louder than
expected socially accepted city layout services microwaves fatigue endlessly today
picking appliances struggling attire iron clawed
lowering rooms roads of boots over dry soft sides of inner lines lighting speed non-

opposing beating motorcycle stopper topped monitors lopsided lobster shake a limb of a tree search light upon gravitational districts in flight during inflating
countries commingle fringed ear-hair walking

heaps to too late implicit confinement divide split eyed impending confrontations spending linkages cash upward patching corners in splashed for folders

papers tucked in a forgiving jacket generously
held by a safety pin for concentrated tomato sauce
digging exits out of a dust pan
lack of holds in a booklet vinegar diligences scarecrow rattle a
wooden wrist at the broken finger emerging water distorted light
by arguing with trees about their suspicious heights

unperceived crates of milked bee explanations dealt in formless spreads of employed quarters holding back pill-bug cast of dirt dumped
track a trail of tiger closed snail-lime festering proximity instantly cloves
inhale entertained loopy walled off

forest a house made of bone morning
cabbed peeled onion foreheads off wooden
marked confusion exposing clap song of the no one remembered citizen, not
sad insect entropy last drag of accused gut useless named,
existence utility same but without despair

silence story in the instability
spin pinned to a veil gulfing the nudity
covered case of framed familiarity walking
back from birched blurred slurs of color enriched flour
bleach money undulation captured
oil plucked by berries nestled home

reify missed collection reverting stairs
engorged with fluids of the drawers hammer drill and design
representing mapped sudden
harmonious alcove coalescing stone pit drones arm croak with
unstolen banisters creaky moment foaming over mending eyesight

the person you are the one who is staring


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