If Exposure is Accurate then…

pressed into paper
squares and kept there
to dry out under the

lamp post of the operative dialogue and spell bound the channel of cortex
nostril deep
sensing the gold
down there in the stair creak

I can’t see
sized by the dark of a space no one
knows is there
belief died in a sleep of quarry stone yards and crows gathering
mercury held temptuous under tongue

dug by cell phone saliva
voting penguin pelican chromosome
the snow covered tones of an alpine sensationalist

momentum under
listed another purpose trust
of flesh

flutter opened
spilled fire until
wireless contrition exemption of colloquial nutrient rubbed ribs ruinous undulations laugh torpedo cornered

can the ingest vole hole velcro concessions mentionable meddlesome cabinet closed
stool pigeon school binocular old folks co-quarter courted gorged purple upon
furniture nestled merger remedy sentenced to death leveling us sober


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