what if
they’re were no newspapers

would the news
become events unrecorded

would those
unrecorded events

become relevant
only to places of event-relevance

would that constitute
as black out

to consciousness
having become too intoxicated

on not knowing
what a paper would tell us

stumbling in
the dark of not knowing what’s

out there, dragons,
fairy tales, people

blowing themselves

would such myth
rise over the mountain
over the top
then tip and drown us

in the waters of not-knowing
and if such waters did such things
would the remains of the floating city
beneath the peak of the mountain
resemble the silence of its current
location with news information

would the seams of
before and after
mimic each other
reflection in a bathroom mirror

face before
the face of birth
facing itself in the after effects
of silence

what would it be like to not have the news
of what happened
to such a city in such a place

the relevance of
talking to neighbors and hearing

what cousin Lou
did with his wife
when they went on a fantastic beach vacation
in North Carolina

would that take up the bulk
of what we need to know
so desperately

gaps of an unwritten record

filled in the daily
neighbor’s breath


only affords for each
one of us


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