Death Equipped Splinters

that a day of rain like this can weather away whatever rust assured
against grain of veins which implant their worlds of wonder against the granite of sands raining calm
and still
in traditions clothes and swollen and stilted in the mold of melting mildew sundays

chocolate tipped kisses desiring
breathes double ice cream rumbles of hunger this pigment figment again another wonder
shadow escorts
white picket out of picture depicting out of denial cousin-smiles

from the back of golden hands
land language expands and contracts breathing
who brought brain can close significance
memory allowd dates can enter wide
tried to a last jot but neglected in proper place blame treason

lost at sea with clots of underwearing bridges warring between scissors to unskipped
the uncaught glare of treaties
there were no fine prints the silk midwives tilted nipple paper baby cows now udder one last syllable before slaughter
stripped other skin-funeral in

in this house the people
in the mouse-breath of dinosaur air countdown
showers out of power outage out where
houses outhouse swear outings prepare houses

we could only be born

when times of this danger
exchanges fingers
places blame in
neighbors mailbox black mail
foxed hoaxed and spooked
crosses coak and cluck
clans moosing around

double legitimate
back up
frenzy to metric every question coupon collective
to store front windows when pour windows lost their Frisbee


gain access cemetery directed caption blurry figurative transmigration
testimonial tattooed
before anything
sanctuary body became
enshrouded enclosure
swallow this

memory oil lilting throat
stomach opens acids melt circulation
body inhale carpet of these rooms
door sand chair
the helpless computer stare and stare

of the operator never there
calls internet netted
nesting instrumental
neck tied
instigate matures
untied into melt downs
continue on

train track the wrack the hull
car automobile it
goes flocks of geese and smoke stacks
jaws the unbroken lineage
people die fighting their
laws of the brain
physiologically imposed

women men children in drawers
of their wreath
fathers son swallowed against


coffee drank
earlier bones skeletal systems
churn in and

against grain saltine
crackers someone bangs on the

cracks out a geese
goose to shackle the broom
across faceless floor wafers of

dimensional escort
to order
places bets
hands online
package arrive fingerless explains pointing
mean mentionable glands
pulverized sands
mountains witness

stranded people alone table
topics the newspaper nest
pertain to captained slogans
investment interruption intervenes when
contested contests congesting concession unconnected neck to head slit

throat thorax boats
bloom in the moats of eye
falling face
rain replacement
endangered cages
eggs in
lodged caves engraved
spaces ships
equal lipped promises
get off this
equipped death with splinters speaking of differences in these times

Syrian government
etcetera this
placeless continent ageless geological
context drying
birth to lips people kiss regardless of everything
less occurrence the
cost of living non-
exception all in this
together when
least seeing
less not less
than lessens made


provided rotating
summer appears
horizon draws near
round corners

card playing
parts for
farms lard when
plying flat
on backs
and staring
up at the sun
till blinded


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