Sunsets Slowly Disappear

a piece of corn
chip in my back molar, silently
protrudes revealing sunlight

entering this room,
waltzing geraniums with squirrel banquets, gnomes
running up and down its tree-legs

showcasing a display of grass, leaves, shadows, and shades
the multitude of color and the array of non-
concealable learning

colors arrange to shapes associated associated intelligences of crystalized properties conglomerate forming unified bands of neurological strata, depth, and dimensionality
of variance architecture and river flowing regions rolling

over green hills and tucking beneath archways, bridges
of a multitude of experiences and potential, unborn
conversations, once

sounds commingle to their corresponding houses, it’s
easy to see a neighborhood of encyclopedias pop up
and guide the viewer to the next potential linkage of Lincoln logs,
Legos, how each

synapse fits gently into each,
male and female parts,
key into knob lock

perfection, exactitude
coming together, union,
unison, one motion, a singular
breath of air

transient through the entire tunnel
the lungs generate, an
out pour of moment without memoires swinging attached to it, small

elves drop from hot air balloons
and fall into corresponding puddles below, all
this information, then

to rest, and
watch sunsets slowly disappear the public, one
toy fire truck then another, there goes Mr.
Dolphin’s mailbox and the scissors go with the pens in the jar in the far right corner, now

just you and I
stretched out in lawn chairs
watching the sun go down behind the flatirons, it’s

a good time to close our eyes
and let time do what it does best


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