The Grace of Leisure: AN ESSAY

Sometimes, perhaps many times, for many people in this country, we don’t always experience the grace of the freedom of expression we have in this country; I know I don’t always. Our issues as a nation, in general, could be characterized more in the realm of social and psychological negligence and abuse, rather than the many issues which enshroud 3rd world countries, and countries maintained under the secretive guise of militancy and propaganda. Under the guise of such freedoms which are characteristically idiosyncratic to the principles of this country, which in spirit are towards all humans, all creed, all walks of life, there is the invitation to have psychological diseases and dysfunctional thinking and disconnected belief systems, corrected, eradicated, or healed. While, it is true our country will not randomly militarily intervene with social changes in thought and experience, our capital system is nearly 360 degrees in counter-operation to social well-being, in that it promotes realities which are not necessarily beneficial to social-pyschological health, but rather promotes social-psychological health as the byproduct of corporate sponsorship selling a demand people claim interest in, instead of capital motivated transference of social-pyschological wellbeing, capital is motivated by whoever uses it. Still, while sponsor-corporations aren’t promoting anything which won’t materially sell, people have the power to release information pertaining to the status of the social-pyschological health of the country, as well as provide awareness to people about what is actually occurring with our country’s multitude of systems; all of which can happen without fear of the nation placing ground-troops on the streets and detaining people for learning or adhering to their beliefs or freely distributing services and information. Sometimes I see, I’ve taken for granted how powerful our country’s security systems are, and how many people are willing to live and die for what this country has sworn to uphold. We need the navy seals, but I don’t necessarily want to know how their trained or what kind of daily-life they adhere by; but I do appreciate they are here and I do appreciate they would be able to initiate defensive measures if ever necessary. At the same time, as I appreciate the defenses in place to protect this country in the event it would be threatened, I am also incredibly critical towards the social-pyschological diseases and disconnects perpetuated by whatever sells, and whatever sells is motivated not by what is the healthiest and most evolutional steps people here could, without a doubt benefit from, but again by products which promote ownership. Obviously, there is a grey area where capital and social-pschological interests overlap and can work together. I also realize our freedoms are capped in places the country would prefer not to look at, or even know how to begin to address. For instance, legislation in many cases is persuaded by big money, (this is common knowledge), and when any dissident behavior tries to intervene with these ties and identities, the agitator will, depending on the severity of such interruption easily find him or herself in prison, even if the cause to straighten out ethics is in the name of clear and undoubtable human-right inspired justice. I feel it is important to appreciate the freedoms we have, utilize the freedoms we have for the benefit of our own social-psychological evolution as well as for others, and if that means needing to spend a night in jail, so be it, for such life-on-the-line moments comes from a deep appreciation for the freedoms we have, (hot, running, shower water), and to match these appreciations with intelligent criticism and aim towards either cultural awakening, and or, legislation which reflects the desired state of social-psychological support this country could more readily provide. Creative geniuses as indicative of the measure of a person’s lifestyle dedicated to craft should have housing, food, and uninterrupted space-time to solely focus on the furthering consciousness evolution of their being, with the aim of sharing discoveries made through such a process to the now, consumerist public,  a space-time allotted for new experiences of a yet defined public, not characterized by consumerism alone, for the creativity of the sharing person to have a cultural impact with social ramifications for constituting legislation change; resurrect the public/redefine a sense of the living-public. And I think, education should teach from a utilizing and promoting a whole-brain approach with support for different learning styles to enable natural strengths within individuals to arise as constituting factors for what the country needs for remaining social-pyschologically healthy. And, while there is all this technology, who is to say it truly is all that helpful for the wellbeing of the social-psychological faculties of human interaction? Perhaps it is great for capital, and directing social-pyschological discourse into uncharted territories, but is the reliance on a cell phone all that fundamentally empowering  to the wellbeing of the country? From a capital point of view, of course it is, but at what point – truly – is technology not making life easier as promised by progress and the post-industrial revolution? It is of course up to each one of us, individually, to decide what is over saturation of technology for him or her personally, and to make lifestyle choices that reflect, if any at all, the inconvenience of technology to the natural flow of his or her particular social-psychological wellbeing. And while it is up to you to decide for yourself, it’s not like this country makes it any easier on how to identify what social-psychological wellbeing is for him or herself. There is a lack of education on social-psychological wellbeing in general; when the country’s general public is defined generally by the activity of consumerism, then where in general is the general public, but the forfeit of a non-existant public, but a shade, a shadow, a ghost of a public, which is defined by its consumer-friendly activities, utilizing a tremendous amount of space-time energy. The public has disappeared behind the transparent wall of opaque consumerism. It seems as though it would be a helpful idea to reclaim a sense of the general public, in order to keep strong the peoples’ voice, and to generate discourse around the social-pyschological educational wellbeing of this country, and to allow that discourse to actually take cultural effect, employing  a living-change towards the promotion of consciousness evolution throughout the country. # Black Lives Matter; The realities of today and how things are in this country, are what they are, and while I appreciate what is, while having an awareness towards evolution of consciousness and sustainable change, and all is occurring through a deep human process, including the ability to have all of these systematic complexities occurring at once, reveals, the rights and the freedoms we have in this country, which so many people, alive today, may never have the chance in an entire lifetime to ever experience; such enormous possibility; the grace of leisure.


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