Cattle Guard

cattle clutch air and
walk out of the ufo
enter in to the brain of a human
city of pixels
robbing sky
inside the purse of one of her eyes
lives an ant the skyscraper of many legs
feeds her twin xerox copy a baby mouse

if we could collect debt payment
we’d repay a cave wall of diamonds a stall
in an outhouse gear-shift streets busy
digging their faces out of asphalt
reflection searching for purpose
bible finding it
in type font someone suggested perception aim
shadows replace slits where reading infiltrates dictionary precision
sheep replaced ovals birth fences sign posts populate
farm yards in the grocery store fertilized
factories, a reliable source of lifetime, or
permaculture deformed cellular structures
scaffold necessary press
against the buttons reactive sanctuary, disc
slip entrance stay among the even keel, while
silent interactions substitute active-conversation non-stop
talking from the mouth of capital, keeps
the trash young the death healthy


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