Birds Chirp in Open Window-Ear

candle flame burning
wax melt of car outside storms passed in a cloud-ceiling-stomp
his shoes squeak, can hear them every time, walks eating
phone wireless appliance sockets ripped out of their wall-dwellings,
ants scatter, run for their lives, this
operation can’t help it, is
without proper human brain size, “hey
mom” he shouts interweaving church with inevitable
breaking of the law confessing what isn’t public now
in the bird chirp burning candles against ears to window a
slow thunder and pick off sides of an angle
in the event of an emergency
chewable yet creaking sleeps in the torn iris of a daffodil root
rhizome-metric heart-tick recommending noon,
not to scatter, but to
operate along side this
proper size of human lungs, “to
have lunch with the whole family”


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