These Lands

These Lands

Clouds cast figures of blinded nutrients
shielding mouths swollen from gaining access to dietary necessities
unless accessed passes have been found games made to find gains
glands can find their names in the pile of show-boxed shoe-sets strung together by latex
made to resemble pixel locked, clots of doctors, surgeon warning against scalpel
sentences lending endings in use

retain temple considering dopamine obliterates
remain shaven among clean friendly suits
purchase seller guide’s boot when
didn’t finish high school driving a country in
some place no one belongs

stung-stickers offset hardened rain of insect sucked on cave
where they dwell in people’s minds,
brains’ unrestrained restraining order
protecting memory, back of which, itches crawl,
spine-needle delicious lines bought
lodged in a cabin of called off wall-fish laws
and walk, baby in hand, and we

grenade soil, when
stand alone gains entrance to doors security advanced trust
the trustworthy of democracy
not a chance to unknot
a chance a strategic box
surrounding democratic propaganda locked
instituted visit fits insurance policy
customer assurance gratuity insists
its legitimate, distance this missed scissor
from surgically removing stitches, it is indeed
in the hands of dirty scripted outfits
it is in sleep with lands of the greater economic intention,
input intakes tickets suited immediately to paper ballot
placed in the slip

but what else do we got


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