Status Quo

untwist this
pine cone
chairs swell
ensnared within
looking through time-spiral,
nail headed,
drift-boarded socket blink-tank
tinker to edge

after all dead
and said lessons
appear trees,
rigid spines eject from earth
shots of silk skyward,
meatless, cannibal clouds,
lines of alphabetic stars
resign hand shakes
shaked blends bleed a knife
blade to emulsify
parenthesis percentages,
encapsulate around hand signals and restrictive zone negotiates

where people sit knitting niceties to bib-options
dead without location of ear hole the
nowhere ground of experience
process packaged left to eat
by the sold counter operation
reserves the right
for you to know
as little as possible

possibility window, look outside
whatever weather it is
only perception inseparable encounters
seasonal shift, adrift

whoever else wonders about the weather
never returning home,
heart beats continually walk away with
whatever it is to walk at all
some don’t even have legs
stumped by this
mathematic isolation
jests toward clockwise superstitions

wrongful questions
doomed to
upset static
surrounding plastic
holding cellular members
trash bins

what usually
we’d of called human


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