And Endlessly

rain tangles the pane to sway windows of the chain
events link by link
reflections circulate

later in the night when
pigeon-clouds pass,
sweep a city in pigeon fed
hands extended at last
the buildings
teeter on
those are cars in the distance passed

rambling on bars
and finishes of harps
hearts as hard as car keys
dangling in sparse
space shapes
least expected least inspected
trance escapes
spaceships ships place
leaves exactly leach-intending
porous dimensional entrances enters soliloquy
penetrates depth
severs, then heads off,

a grave a cave dig elevates blocks of ice
crave shaven cold beaches of gambling thorny tree mites
beneath a seldom set moon scenery
wobble-hobble over cast dice
no one knows what a throw left chicken

fidgets flicker, gain insight,
axes to axis


spill oil blooms in an eyelid
women children human
sector sectioning matter
moments before matter mattered this
and endlessly
now undefending counting down cows
as they ascend hell

pour full of foam
batting winter
from habitat
laboratory food
yet never passed jury eyed
blood-money links,
ganged tags
gagged stalls
no leak a sink fakes
police can’t penetrate
police what can’t break
police utilized similarly
remain silent
behind employment outfit
fitting exactly what lips speak when words drift and nothing,
not even movie scenery changes
systematic updates remain decapitated with a different
date face on gracing the public with meaningless
double take reflection, rain

entangles the pane to sway windows
of the chain events stick


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