The House I Live In

laminated to both sides
of the coin and not knowing
who owns the operation

machine room calculating all this

of what magnitude
to whom tests concern
how many receipts equals
that amount to
live in this room

and people outside
snarling and hungry
a world suffering
suffocating and lonely

continents divide
by economic separations

ending in isolation
in a house with carpet
and the internet to keep as friend

asking as many questions as
may fire

at who patrols the stairs
in the warehouse
down there

where by the docks
harbors and ships
a suspicious dragon

perhaps not all owls are

it’s hard to understand
it’s hard to un
scratch the surface of what stone

he apparently disappeared from
a cave in the text in the definition
a spelling mistake a simple
of language

those words aren’t here anymore
those tribes

what tribes
let’s continue on with the Smithsonian

but no one believes
the glass doors
of glass because
glass is obviously clear

yet some live in the blindness of
what is before a screen door

walk into something
no there are answers

and this is a tangent

from the
orbiting around an explosion of
molecular surfaces

basically another stone but on fire
they indeed are retired and I live in their home


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